Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Danger Is.....!

Even King James faces racism.

As we begin June, I want to acknowledge that we're halfway through the year and the United States isn't destroyed yet. But rest assured, we're on the slow path to our destruction.

Donald J. Trump is by far the most polarizing leader in the United States. He's so inept. It's an embarrassment for him and the nation.

There's talk that Trump will back out the international pledge to stop climate change. The Paris Accord was signed by then President Barack Obama in 2015. Trump and conservatives deny climate change and believe that it affects jobs. If the U.S. gets out the Paris Accord, then global leaders will shun American influence on the world.

Racism is still an issue that won't go away.

S.B posted back in May a story that followed up my posting about an Arkansas teen's prom being ruined by her racist father. Anna Hayes went to her prom with her friend Philip Freeman. The father got so upset, he threatened to cut her out of the family. Freeman was Black and Hayes was White.

In the posting "Why Are Racist Going Crazy Over Inerracial Relationships?", we discussed the issue in Arkansas and the reactionary response from this White extremist movement called the alt-right.

And of course we criticized conservatives for undermining the demographics. Trump's proposals to build a border wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, his pledge to be a "law and order" president and his budget proposal to rollback the safety net could affect the lower and middle class. All of these proposals are "coded" to say "stop the rise of Black and Brown" before it's too late.

We have been victims of racial profiling, workplace discrimination, and institutional racism.

Black America still is looked upon as a threat to the WMPS (white male power structure).

Barack Obama has long been out of office but yet his name is still mentioned by Trump, Mike Pence, Republicans, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, old fart Rush Limbaugh, Sean "Softball" Hannity and The Drudge Report.

Even though Trump's inept leadership is starting to affect people's lives, the fault continues fall on the feet of Obama.

Trump's influence on the world has opened the door to extremism.

Now when she posted her article, a troll happened to respond to it in usual fashion.

Grab a magnifying glass and read the word vomit below.

Lefty said...
because jackass it is disgusting and immoral. besides you blacks are dangerous and bring down white people by your mere presence in country.
Okay, Lefty. Thank you for reading World News Today. It's an honor to read feedback from people.

I want to address this my usual fashion by picking apart the comments and giving you a detailed honest opinion on the matter.

So you believe it's disgusting. That's your opinion.

It reminds me of that hapless bigot Romeo Rose. He became a focus of infamy when he went to HuffPost Live to discuss his blog "Sleepless in Austin." The dope was trying to find a woman who could be the right one. When started the blog, women actually were willing to date this guy.

But when it came to his disclaimer, he made it clear, he's no real winner when it comes to the ladies.

He said that Black women are disgusting. He said that he would never sleep with a White woman who had sex with a Black or Hispanic man. He said that he would never date a woman who was overweight.

After that, he was barred from social dating profiles. Even one of his former dates created a blog devoted to his racial mishaps. I'll share the link with you.

What do you mean by you Blacks?

Excuse me, you people are the reasons for the unrest in this country. We are born by the same standards your mother and father gave you, so I don't understand why you have the audacity to say our presence. We don't know you and I am not going to shed a tear when you bite the dust.

We are human beings.

We are leaders.

We are educated.

We are tired.

We are parents.

We are children.

We are Americans.

We don't ask for anything from the likes of you.

We are not taking this shit anymore from the likes of you.

Bob Beckel, Bill O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren, Breitbart, Sage Steele, Milo Yiannopoulos, Stacey Dash and others promoted plenty of -isms. They were properly fired for their actions. Sean "Softball" Hannity, Alex Jones, The Gateway Pundit, The Drudge Report and Fox News are prime examples of what's wrong in the country. Lefty's rhetoric is regurgitated vomit from these agitators in the media.

With a touch of David Duke, Richard Spencer, John Paul Watson and Mike Cernovich, Lefty thinks we're a danger to the country.



The United States is the number one leader in death by firearms.

Lefty, if we threatened you to read our blog by force, you might have to contact the ICC and report us. In the meantime, we ask of you to not waste your time bemoaning us about how you're disgusted with the presence of BLACKS.

Because you're going to see Blacks on television. You're going to hear Blacks on radio. You're going to see Blacks in the blogs, on the road, on social media, and in the workplace. You're going to be see Black lawmakers, Black educators, Black athletes, Black celebrities, Black religious leaders, Black activism, Black LGBT members, Black police officers and Black women stronger.

Lefty, you're going a whole lot of us. So you better get the barf bag. Because you're wasting away bitching about the change.

We discussed that interracial births and marriage are on the rise. The rise is contributing to more multiracial Americans (of all diverse backgrounds). The White population has decreased in the United States. The current population is 325.4 million people.

White people make up 68% of the nation's population.

Hispanics are 14% of the population. Blacks continue to be 13% of the population and the remaining 5% is Asian American, Native American, and other races.

Around 2035 to 2040, the White population will decrease to at least 50.4% and making it for the first time a minority of the country's population.

Lefty, should I believe that it was you who caused these problems?

In other news.

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is a testament. He and the Cavs will have another showdown with The Golden State Warriors. But as he was in Los Angeles, he discovered one of his homes was vandalized with NIGGER. On his front gate, the word was spread across. It was reported on Wednesday, on the eve of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

"No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being Black in America is tough," said James. "We got a long way to go for us as a society and for us as African Americans until we feel equal in America."

Mind you that LeBron James was a supporter of Barack Obama and later Hillary Clinton. He spoke out against the shooting of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice. He along with Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade made a statement on race relations and the power of social activism.

White extremists and conservatives want athletes to "shut up and play sports."

Hate in the U.S. is "alive every single day" says the NBA star.

Serena Williams faces it everyday as well. There was a retired tennis star who criticized Williams and her fiance's announcement of her pregnancy. Now we've heard that Gianvito Rossi refused to endorse or sell her their luxury shoes.

Grace Mazzilli, the embattled CEO of Gianvito Rossi is facing a lawsuit over racial discrimination.

Whitney Wilburn said that her bosses called Williams, "disgusting" and refused to offer a $594 million dollar endorsed their discounts on products. Wilburn was fired out the cannon without reason and she decided to air it out.

The company flatly denies this. But given how many White people in the fashion business look upon Black women, I wouldn't be surprised about it.

The Portland terrorist who murdered two individuals who came to the defense of two women of color will be in court facing charges. Jeremy Christian was known as a White extremist but still had access to weapons. He got into a heated dispute with two women on MAX light rail train and two men intervened. The terrorist would stab them brutally and a third man tried to stop him but was stabbed as well. He survived the stabbing. The two women and the Portland Muslim community came to the aid and offered donations to the victim's families. The terrorist was in court and shouted that he would do it again if he had a chance. Portland may be a haven for liberals and hipsters, but underneath the surface it's actually a White extremist paradise. The city's core population is 663,000 residents. It's 80 percent White.

About 20% of the population is biracial, Black, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American.

In Chicago, a restaurant called Rosebud was ordered to pay $1.9 million to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit filed in 2013 was implicating Rosebud frequently rejected Black hires and said offensive things about Black patrons. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that owner Alex Dana used racial slurs to describe Blacks.

Now the company is ordered to hire qualified workers of all backgrounds. They have to be in compliance for the foreseeable future.

"We are committed to operating with integrity and conduct business in an ethical and legal manner, and we understand that we all can do more to demonstrated our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace," Rosebud said in a statement.

Again, I said this in previous postings. I work at a regional superstore and I drive for Uber on the side. I feel that it's becoming more clear that as a Black worker, I am being discriminated against.

I said that workplace discrimination, institutional racism, and opportunity for growth at these jobs are not happening even though I put a lot of hard work into them. I am frustrated that my employer lacks diversity in the workplace. I am frustrated that Black men and women still lag behind in earnings growth, promotions and opportunities at better positions outside of their field.

We're on the long road to change. I will have to fight for achievements. I will have to fight for my son and prove that I deserve the same privileges my White co-worker often get.

It's time to end workplace discrimination. It's time to bring diversity to the United States.

While we're enduring Donald J. Trump's four (or eight years) as the leader of the country, we fight for change. We will continue to chronicle the issues in our community, our government and our junk food media.

We do not discriminate against anyone's race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, economic and political standings.

Scratch that. I do discriminate against ignorance.

This brand of conservatism isn't intelligent dialogue.  It's straight up racism. We have to cap it!

We can't stop it but we can tame it by making sure we keep the pressure on Trump, conservative agitators and racists. We will hold them accountable.

So once again, thank you on behalf of me, S.B and the other contributors to World News Today.

We enjoy doing this. We'll keep it going as long as you're reading.

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S B said...

Thank you so much Blue Light Buzz for the shoutout. I'll keep on talking about this because we're in a dangerous and divisive times.



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