Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why Are Racists Going Crazy Over Interracial Relationships?

Why are racists going crazy over interracial relationships involving Black and Brown/Red/Mixed  men?

That's a cute couple.  Why are bigots going nuts over this one?

The recent tirade of one Arkansas father over his daughter's prom date several days ago is a pattern of hateful bigots destroying their own daughters' lives in their blind racist ideology of white supremacy.  Blue Light Buzz and I have written about this aspect of sexual racism.  It permeates everything from family, employment, to politics. Remember over one year ago, the bigoted and incredibly insensitive Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, blistering about Black and Brown men coming to his home state getting White women pregnant and complaining about mixed race children.  His sentiments are shared by millions of non-Black men and women in this country.

Rewind back to two months ago, when an affluent Tennessee father cut off his daughter's education because she had a Black boyfriend.  Her friends and sympathizers raised money to help pay for her education.

There have been news reports of unhinged White and Asian men murdering Black men because they thought that it would get their women to stop interracial relationships with Black men.  They are afraid that their women are attractive to Black and biracial/triracial Black men of Color and is increasing in the age of Trump.

Back in 2008, an Asian man in Ohio was arrested for sending threatening letters to famous Black men such as Clarence Thomas, Seal, and Taye Diggs. During the same year, a racist shock jock in NC mocked and insulted Native Americans in a nortorious skit raining hatred at a then-intern's upcoming wedding with her Lumbee fiance.  The Lumbees have long fought against white supremacy and repression in that state.  That skit was the last straw.

Link:  Lumbee Indians Fought The Klan

From the 1600s to today, White America, especially the right-wing segment, have always been brutal toward Men of Color being intimate with White women.  The powers that be passed anti miscegenation laws, the Mann Act, have instigated mass hysteria through lynchings, drug wars, controversies over school and workplace integration, womens' rights(the right to vote), negative imagery through the arts and Hollywood, etc.

At the same time, most elite White men have relationships with Women of Color, both in America and the world while disenfranchising such women and their offspring through antimiscegenation and inheritance laws as well as Jim/Jane Crow, immigration/citizenship laws.  The real wrath is reserved for White women who had relationships with People of Color.

Today's right-wingers are flipping out about interracial relationships along with immigration and the fact the POC babies outnumber White babies back in 2011.  It is because they represent the browning of America, something that most Trump supporters and Republicans detest.  May I add, some White liberals as well.

I came across an article regarding the increase in interracial relationships.  The article states that interracial relationships had increased dramatically in the 21st century.   Here's the link to the Newsweek online article:

Interracial Marriage in America Are At An All-Time High

Here's another article written by Miles Niemuth at World Socialist website:

American Public Overwhelmingly Accept Interracial Marriage

Take that Richard Spencer, Trump, Jared Taylor, Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Bill O'Reilly, Bob Dumas, Steve King, Richard Cohen!  Ya'll are out of touch and overruled!  You cannot stop the browning of America no matter how hateful you all are to it.  DEAL WITH IT!


Lefty said...

because jackass it is disgusting and immoral. besides you blacks are dangerous and bring down white people by your mere presence in country.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lefty, truth hurts, doesn't it? Get over it! Interracial relationships are here to stay!


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