Monday, January 09, 2017

Woman Got Dairy Queen To Shut An Owner Out!

Young woman from Illinois went to Dairy Queen to get a dinner and left with a racial slur. Deianira Ford gets more than terrible food service. She was called a racial slur in front of her children.

In fuhrer Donald J. Trump's America, a franchise owner of a popular fast food restaurant got the audacity to call a customer a NIGGER because she was wanted to return an order that was wrong.

Jim Crichton. Expect death threats. Expect these death threats because you allowed your word vomit to get in the way of serving the customer. You have the nerve to call a Black woman a NIGGER because your workers fucked up an order. The customer has a right to respond to an order.

Deianeira Ford gets the last laugh in this transgression. Unfortunately she will not win the war given that fuhrer Trump continue to press for the elimination of political correctness.

In Zion, Illinois, Ford was with her children and she wanted to get a DQ meal with a Blizzard and couple of ice cream cones. She didn't think that the service was going to be that bad.
The Zion location is closed indefinitely. 
Crichton, the owner of Dairy Queen approached her and started popping off at the mouth. She said that he was degrading her in front of her children.

"I was kind of taken back, and my daughter in the backseat repeated what he said and asked me what that means," Ford said.

Ford said she was so upset she called the law on him. The police report says that Crichton called her a NIGGER repeatedly in a dispute over the partially-filled food order that he handled. When Ford asked for a full refund, police said, "Crichton refused, gave her $5 back and called her and her children NIGGERS adding that "they did not deserve anything more."

The owner boasted that he was proud to say NIGGER to the woman and said that was "fed up with Black people."

When she posted her experience on social media, the backlash. The backlash came swiftly.

Crichton issued an apology saying that, "What I said was not appropriate and is something I cannot take back. I have no excuse. I can only ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to all involved. As a start, I, along with my employees, will undergo sensitivity training."

It was a little too late. Dairy Queen's corporate office in Minneapolis said, "Time's up. You done."

So Dairy Queen's internal investigation found that his behavior was unbecoming of the company.

They decided to end their franchise deal with Crichton. Basically firing him and his employees out the cannon.

Ford retained a lawyer and is considering legal actions against the owner. She had gotten support from organizations across the country and the Chicago Black Lives Matter group is getting involved in the matter. They are planning protests at the Zion location despite it being closed.

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