Friday, January 13, 2017

Unrepentant Motorist Got Life For Murder!

Unrepentant motorist gets LIFE for her callous attack on innocent parade watchers.

Adacia Chambers, the woman who ran her vehicle through a crowd of people in Stillwater, Oklahoma found justice. She was given a LIFE sentence in the iron college after the jury convicted her of murdering four people on her mission.

According to the law, she was under the influence when she decided to plow through the homecoming parade for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Chambers was sentenced after pleading no contest to four counts of second-degree murder and 39 counts of assault and battery.

She was fired out the cannon at Freddy's Custard and Steakburgers for being on drugs. She got angry and decided to end her life by taking out others.

Nash Lucas, a toddler, Nakita Prabhakar, a 23 year old MBA student at Oklahoma State and a married couple Bonnie and Marvin Stone, both 65 lost their lives to this unrepentant terrorist.

Her defense for this act of terrorism was mental issues. The jury said she showed intent.

Prosecutors says Chambers steered her car around a police barricade and sped up before plowing into spectators.

Chambers will now have a chance to appeal the decision. Unfortunately, the LIFE sentence does carry a chance a parole. After serving at least 30 years in the iron college, she may have an out.

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