Friday, January 13, 2017

Steve Harvey: Trump Ain't "Mr. Magic" To Black Folks!

You notice fuhrer Donald Trump doesn't wear a flag lapel. He meets with Steve Harvey.

Who says I can't be bitter about the results?

Who says I should get over it? I refuse to and I won't. I will not rationalize White extremism.

I don't have to mince words when I say, fuck Donald Trump.

 I don't have to respect him. He didn't respect Barack Obama. So the feeling is mutual and longstanding. He is not a president. He is an immature 70 year old man. He is a controversial billionaire. reality television star, business mogul, pussy grabber, xenophobe, Islamophobic, sexist, narcissistic jackass.

See in the world of White supremacy, the only good Black people ain't called NIGGERS.

Conservatives often look at Black leaders as the "grievance" industry.

They don't value our lives. The only lives they value is the self-righteousness and finger wagging.

People are pissed that Steve Harvey, Jennifer Holliday, 3 Doors Down, Flo Rida, and Kanye West are engaging with the fuhrer. Anyone who supports Trump is just as bad as he is. I don't care who they are.
Steve Harvey having a sit down with President Barack Obama.
And they are rightfully being taken to the woodshed for doing so.

Harvey, who went to the second White House to talk to Trump over housing issues.

The nominee for the Department of Housing and Urban Development is failed presidential candidate Ben Carson. He is going through a testimony for the confirmation.

Harvey who is the man of all things, may have some backlash over this. Matter of fact, he might not be on good terms with D.L. Hughley, his fellow "Kings of Comedy" co-star.

When the white extremist say "inner cities" is code for BLACK. They believe that Blacks are living in fatherless societies. They believe we're the cause of economic turmoil. They believe that entertainers are elitists (if they're not in support of the fuhrer).

Harvey said that he's not attending the inauguration of the fuhrer. He said his wife won't let him.

Now before we go on a Steve Harvey, Jennifer Holliday and Flo Rida bashing tour, we want you to know that they have performed for President Barack Obama as well.

Harvey did remark about how Trump's rhetoric totally changed politics forever.

Harvey who currently hosts Miss Universe may be getting some tips on hosting duties from the fuhrer. Harvey also hosts Family Feud, Showtime at the Apollo, his morning radio show, his daytime television show and Little Big Shots.

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