Monday, January 02, 2017

Mariah Carey Not So Cherry!

Mary Poppins blew through a breeze.

I didn't watch the Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's on ABC. I enjoy the antics of Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy and Fergie. But sometimes, I just get tired of watching celebrities and couples making out at the stroke of midnight. I get tired of staying up to celebrate another year of being single, having lack of trust towards people and the disgust of the fuhrer coming to power in less than 18 days.

And I happened to miss the entertainment scandal of 2017.

Mariah Carey had another "break-break down."

The junk food media criticized her performance at the Rockin New Years as terrible.

Accusations of lip-syncing surround her and she claimed that ABC and Dick Clark Productions sabotaged her.

Dick Clark Productions slammed the accusation as absurd.

The New York Times report that the performance was a trainwreck. Malfunctions left her at a loss vocally during her hit song, "Emotions," struggling to reach notes and to sync the lyrics and music.

The trouble continued when she gave up on another her best known numbers, "We Belong Together," while a recording of the song continued to play, a confirmation that she had been lip-syncing.

This comes as no surprise that in July 2001, Carey had a nervous breakdown and was nearly suicidal.

Are we reliving 2001?

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