Monday, January 09, 2017

A**hole Cop Who Arrested Jackie Craig Heads To The Freezer!

10 day vacation for corrupt Fort Worth cop who busted mom after she told him a stranger assaulted her boy.

We know the name of the cop who arrested Jacqueline Craig in December. His name is William Martin and the Fort Worth Police placed him in the freezer pending an internal investigation.

Martin arrested Craig after a brief argument that turned ugly and it was filmed and shared on Facebook over 3 million times.

He's "snarky" comment on parenting got him in some deep shit. He was on camera saying to Craig that she should be a better parent. Craig called the law on an accusation of a man placing his hands on the neck of her 7 year old son.

Martin who was called to the area didn't pursue charges against the man. He instead arrested Craig and the 15 and 18 year olds who were in the vicinity.

Immediately after the incident, the officer was placed on "restrictive duty status by order of the Chief of the Police" pending an outcome from Internal Affairs.

Martin would apologize for the incident. Martin is a 10 year veteran with the department.

Craig's attorney said that the punishment was not harsh enough.

"You would get more justice if someone kicked a dog," said Jasmine Crockett, Craig's attorney.

Craig was tearful when the news of the punishment came.

His superiors and the police union disagreed with the freezer burn. They believed that the chief's demand to place the officer in the freezer was too harsh. They wanted the chief to be more lenient.

Joel Fitzgerald, the chief of Fort Worth Police said that Martin violated some its rules. He cited that Martin had a neglect of duty and discourtesy, noting that there was "some inappropriate contact with two of the females." Other findings include excessive force, failing to thoroughly investigate and conduct prejudicial to good order.

Fitzgerald said that the arrest was legal and the grand jury will decide whether he continues to be on the force or be loaded into the cannon and be fired out of it.


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