Sunday, December 11, 2016

What Happened To Jerime Mitchell?

Iowa man was paralyzed by a cop's bullet after a minor traffic violation. Jerime Mitchell and his wife Bracken (right).  

When the controversial billionaire/racist/sexist/pussy grabbing/immature reality television star become your next fuhrer, I bet you money his squinty eyed Attorney General if confirm will not pursue charges against corrupt police officers.

Having a burnt taillight and a pound of weed might end up being a death sentence for a Black man.

Yeah, fleeing an officer was pretty stupid but to use deadly force instead of backing away from a fleeing vehicle is bad training in my opinion, I would not try to stop a vehicle fleeing the scene.

Cedar Rapids Police and Linn County Sheriff are doing an investigation into the shooting of Jerime Mitchell. The Iowa State Police and U.S. Justice Department are also determining if the officer used justifiable force. He was an unarmed motorist.

A routine pull over because of a license plate light led to a Black man being shot three times. He is paralyzed from the waist down. Now his family and the NAACP are demanding answers to why a simple stop could lead to this.

According to Officer Lucas Jones, Jerime struggled with him and his Belgian mulatte partner. Jones and the police dog were on him. Jones activated his door latch to release his police dog. But Jerime managed to slip through and got into his pickup truck.
Cedar Rapids Police are doing damage control after a routine stop turned into a near fatal shooting.
Jones would reach for his service weapon and start popping off while Jerime was driving.

Jerime who is a 37-year old father was being searched for possession of marijuana. Jones was "trying to search" the vehicle with Jerime saying forcible no to the search. Jones claimed that Jerime was the instigator.

Jerime disputes the account, he said that Jones was the aggressor. His supporters and civil rights activists have blasted the prosecutor for the ending the secret grand jury inquiry without obtaining any statement or testimony from him, who is now hospitalized with a bullet lodged in his neck.

The pull over was around 1:17 am. Investigators says Jones initiated the stop because the light bulbs that illuminate the license plate on Jerime's truck were burned out. A minor infraction.

This issue has touched a nerve to the lives of Black men.

Once again, Jones's testimony was more important than the victim's. The grand jury decided to not indict the officer. They also decided to not indict Jerime for the charges of marijuana possession and fleeing and eluding an arresting officer.

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