Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kanye West Was Robbed Of His Brain Cells!

Mental issues affect Yeezus.

The stress of publicity has both Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian West going to the medical ward. I guess Kid Cudi isn't the only one suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Yeezy may have dabbled with the snow and spazzed out. His publicist denies that he's drugging.

They publicly said that he's "bipolar" and he's just real "sensitive" on the ordeals of his wife.

The controversial rapper/producer/bitch boi Kanye West had a nervous breakdown after he attacked Jay-Z and Queen Bey for not being on his side. He also told fans in Sacramento that he didn't vote but he would be willing to give the fuhrer a chance.

West canceled the shows after he had to be rushed to the hospital for undisclosed reasons.

After all, his wife was jacked up in Paris and hasn't been on social media since. I read that she was going to have a comeback ceremony. I guess that was scrapped.

There's trouble in West Kardashian and I am assuming that Yeezy might want out.

Who knows what's going on in the mind of Kanye West?

I believe he was robbed of his brain cells and they're holding ransom to them.

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