Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jennifer Boyle Clams Up After They Found Her Being The Blowhard Trump Bigot!

Gotta love the clickbait stories of racist Trump supporters. Last night I posted the video of two White people flaunting their privilege at Black women. They were brutally attacking Black women and claiming that bad customer service was an act of racism towards them.

Now it's reported that the woman who featured in the video ranting at two Michael's employees was the woman who had ranted at two workers at a Peet's Coffee and Tea store in Chicago.

Her name is Jennifer Boyle and she's now in hiding after the videos were published.

Someone recognized her and posted her name and address and LinkedIn profile to social media.

She attended DePaul University and worked as a human resource business partner at Sinai Health System.

The poster said that in the workplace, she was truly the bitch in the video. He claimed that she's "batshit, racist and crazy."

"She is just as nuts in person as this video depicts," said the poster. "From a legal perspective, I am not sure what I am or am allow to say; but I will leave it at this. Everyone was happy when they found out she was no longer welcome back."

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