Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Xavier U Hanging Black By The Tree!

An Ohio private Catholic college is facing a mountain of controversy. Some of the students were upset over a social media posting of a White woman in blackface mocking #BlackLivesMatter and Sam Dubose. There was also a picture circulating of a Trump supporter on campus with a skeleton figure dressing in African dashiki gear hanging by a noose.

As the former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing heads to preliminary for capital murder, the junk food media is covering the trial.

Tensing is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Tensing is using the "dangerous threat" and demands the Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters release Dubose's criminal history.

Well over at the nearby Xavier University a photo circulated across the social media of a student getting her face painted black with the words "Who needs white when black lives matter."

It was posted on social media's Snapchat. Then it found its way towards Facebook and one of the students Maia Manney took outrage to this. That woman lives in my dorm hall, she said to the junk food media.

"I took it to my hall director and one of the leaders for diversity and inclusion. (I'm also friends with her on Facebook so if you see this Mel... HI 😃😆), Manney wrote.

"But Xavier students be aware of your surroundings especially you POC, as recently many situation like this have been happening."

School chancellor Michael Graham said that this is deeply troubling. He may put the students involved on ice if they are found to be responsible for this incident.
Pretty stupid...
There was another incident at the Catholic school. There was an image of skeleton dressed in a dashiki with a noose around its neck.

The image was inside a window of a Trump supporter. They had a flag of the Republican nominee on its banter.

To the Xavier Community,

I am outraged and deeply troubled by recent racist images connected to Xavier students. Racist actions are unacceptable on our campus, and we have mechanism to respond in a responsible and thoughtful manner. When one of use falls short, we all fall short.

Many of our students, of all races, are in pain over this. Steps are being taken to make sure that all members of the Xavier community know that we must act with integrity, justice and generosity, in solidarity for and with each other. Please be assured this is being addressed on campus through a variety of channels.

I will personally continue to stay on top of this and keep you updated.


Mike Graham, S.J.

So far no public response from the junk food media.
Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

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