Monday, October 31, 2016

A Load Of Bullsh*t!

In the crucial swing state of Ohio, the Warren County Sheriff put the cuffs on James Pinell. This man is accused of dumping a load of shit on the grounds of the local Democratic Party office.

The manure happened around midnight on Saturday.

Just like in 2012, a volunteer found a pile of manure in front of the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters. The party prepared themselves this time around. They had surveillance cameras around the building. The suspect wasn't caught. It seems like he slipped up this time.

Pinell, a resident from Lebanon was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. He is to appear in court Thursday. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Pinell may be facing more than a load of shit. He might be sentenced to pickup the manure at county farm or picking up the trash off the side of Interstate 71 or 75.

The sheriff noticed the pile of manure around 8pm Saturday.

The local GOP offered to clean up the mess. They were offended by the actions of Pinell and said that these actions were deplorable.
This asshole dropped a load in 2012.
Donald Trump has got at least a 40% chance of winning the election. Hillary Clinton has a 60% chance at winning the election.

The Comey letter was considered an "October Surprise". One could hope that this cloud of kookspiracy and ignorance will die down. James Comey gave Trump a breathe of life when he said that he is revisiting the email server.

Happy Halloween. Be safe and drink (or eat candy) responsibly.

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