Friday, September 30, 2016

Pepe The Frog Is The Face Of The Alt-Right!

The White extremists decided that a childhood character would represent their movement.

Pepe The Frog is now a symbol of the professional bigots hiding underneath the bandwidth bridge.

Matt Furie isn't too happy about the memes. The creator of Pepe is furious that the "alt-right" hijacked his character and turned it into something sinister.

The Anti-Defamation League has declared the character a racist, anti-semitic icon of the internet forums.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has become a beacon of White nationalism. Many of them are hearing Trump's words and they believe that he's the "great White hope".

"Images of the frog, variously portrayed with a Hitler-like mustache, wearing a yarmulke or a Klan hood, have proliferated in recent weeks in hateful messages aimed at Jewish and other users on Twitter," the ADL wrote in a statement. "Once again, racists and haters have taken a popular Internet meme and twisted it for their own purposes of spreading bigotry and harassing users."


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