Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cop Who Bucked Alfred Olango Sexually Harassed Females!

Cop who bucked unarmed man has a file of corruption. 

As the San Diego County Police prepare for unrest, the name of the officer who fatally shot Alfred Olango is released. He and the other officer who deployed the Taser were placed in the freezer pending state and federal outcomes.

The city of El Cajon say that the incident will be handled effectively.

The person who filmed the event turned the footage to the police. The El Cajon officers didn't have body cameras.

Olango, an immigrant from Uganda had mental issues said the family. He was acting erratic when his sister called it in. She said that they weren't able to make this a top priority. When people called in a man waving his shirt in the street, they responded to it.

The officers confronted Olango, the ordered him to drop his object. When he failed to comply, the officer shot him five times. He was killed on the scene.

He was holding an e-cigarette device. No weapon was found on him.

The junk food media quick to point out Olango had criminal charges and was at the verge of being deported from the states. They didn't have time to go into the officer's record.

We will.

Richard Gonsalves was the officer who fired on Olango. He has a 20 year history with the police department and his records lies misconduct and utter incompetence.

This officer was once sued for sexually harassing a female officer.

This officer tried to harass Christine Greer with nasty pictures of his genitalia and dirty talk about him plowing her and the woman's wife.

Gonsalves has denied involvement. The issue was settled in court and the officer remained on the payroll.

This officer's history shows that he has no business being on the force.

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