Sunday, September 04, 2016

Colin Kaepernick: San Francisco Cops Are Bigots!

The police union is upset and they want Colin Kaepernick cut.

Colin Kaepernick made it clear. Until something is done about police brutality, he will not take a stand for the national anthem. Now the police unions and junk food media are threatening retaliation against him and the San Francisco 49ers.

The police unions representing Santa Clara, San Francisco and Oakland have fired back at the protest by saying that if Kaepernick continues his stand, they'll boycott the events. The wrote a letter demanding that he be punished for his actions. CBS San Francisco reports that a letter from the Santa Clara Police Officers Association sent to the 49ers was obtained Friday.

The union doesn't mince words when it came to Kaepernick.

Through its president, Martin Halloran, he wrote this letter denouncing the NFL quarterback.

"I only wish Mr. Kaepernick could see the emotional and psychological challenges that our officers face following a fatal encounter. Some are so affected they never return to the streets. In short, Mr. Kaepernick has embarrassed himself, the 49er organization, and the NFL based on a false narrative and misinformation that lacks any factual basis.

Perhaps, Mr. Kaepernick could comment on the murder of 40 police officers in the United States in the past few months, or the assaults perpetrated on over 100,000 law enforcement officers in the past year. Perhaps he could lend his commentary to the over 8,000 murders that African Americans inflicted on one another in 2015. The law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society's problems, including racial divide, in our country. It's isn't fair and it isn't true."

It also criticized what it called anti-police statements made by Kaepernick, calling them “insulting, inaccurate and completely unsupported by any facts.”

The scandal involving the San Francisco Police is real.

Back in April, an explosive story about the police department came to light. Some of the officers were saying that minorities were "barbarians", "cockroaches" and other offensive racial slurs.

A handful of officers were immediately fired out the cannon.

These incidents led San Francisco chief Greg Suhr being fired out the cannon. It led to the dismissal of criminal cases and a review of police department by the federal government.

So don't tell Colin Kaepernick that he's delusional. He sees it for himself in the deaths of many minorities at the hands of police.

Here's some news from South Carolina. The officer who fired upon Zachary Hammond was fired out the cannon. Mark Tiller was loaded in the cannon and fired out. The chief of Seneca Police said that the issue is personal and he can't comment on the situation at this time. The feds are looking into the matter.

And it doesn't stop in South Carolina. The Richland County deputy Ben Fields is spared from a federal indictment on the brutal takedown of a teenager in a classroom. He made the news last year when he took down a young girl who was refuse to leave the classroom.

And yes, there's officer Michael Slager, the former North Charleston officer who fired on Walter Scott after he broke free from his Taser. The officer is facing a federal indictment on civil rights as well as a state murder charge that could the death card on him.

I can't forget that former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing's attorneys are trying to obtain criminal records from Sam DuBose. The shooting of DuBose after a routine traffic stop has Tensing facing a murder charge. They are trying to taint DuBose as the aggressor in this encounter.

By the way, Kaepernick will donate his year contract to charities and groups to help people of color.

He slammed the junk food media for making this more than what he's concerned about. He said that he's loves America and supports the military, but he is tired of the junk food media ignoring these real issues for trivial nonsense and gotcha games.

There's a reason for Colin Kaepernick's protest. And it's growing! If Muhammad Ali was alive today, wondering what he would say about this?

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