Monday, September 19, 2016

Blame Game: Ahmad Khan Rahami!

Feds nab man who bombed a New York neighborhood.

Again, the suspect is innocent until proven guilty. He will likely face state and federal charges since this happened in New York City.  He will face a possibility of LIFE in the iron college or federal timeout. The DEATH CARD isn't off the table. He will face a judge in the coming week.

The intelligence agencies say that the biggest fear is the lone wolf.

People who are motivated by terrorism are usually getting their inspiration from the social media.

Intelligence agencies across the world are active 24/7. They have to be on this everyday.

It takes one terrorist to get it right. Stopping terrorism is an everyday thing. They can't stop all the threats in the world. That's one thing I often understand. They are on this everyday. It's an exhausting and thankless job. People willing to sacrifice their lives for their fellow American.

When the United States fired upon civilians and Syrian military officers, the world expressed rightfully outrage against this. The Americans deny that it was a targeted attack. Russia is leading the way in having a public condemnation of the U.S. in the reckless call.

This attack may have ended the truce between the Syrian military and the rebels.

Now the Islamic State and its predecessor al Qaeda are a boogie man in the United States. The junk food media has constantly promoted them. They're quickly turning up on social media. They are exposing legal loopholes in government in order to take advantage of the possibilities to commit mass murder upon this country.

Obviously seeing these videos could make someone become a terrorist.

Or perhaps the changes in demographics could be a motivating factor.

Would terrorism be inspired by the constant racism towards people of color?

Could it be inspired by the xenophobia of immigrants?

It is possibly the rise of Islamophobia that inspire terrorism?

Could homophobia and sexism inspire terrorism?

Could political motivations such as this election be an inspiration for terrorism?

Terrorism isn't solely a Muslim or Brown person thing. 

So the feds determined a 28 year old man from New Jersey was the alleged suspect in the bombings in New York City. The terrorist was just caught in New Jersey after a brief encounter with the law. He was shot and injured by the law. He will be treated for his injuries. He was allegedly sleeping inside an alley of a bar.

Ahmad Rahmi was fingered as the suspect in the bombing in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea.

He was a naturalized citizen who has ties to Afghanistan. The terrorist was spotted on cameras putting a book bag inside a train station terminal trash near Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The tips came in when they pinged the phone to the terrorist's father. The family was abruptly detained by that time.

At the point of escape, the terrorist was confronted by Linden, New Jersey police.

The terrorist put a bomb inside a dumpster and it went off. It injured over 29 people. No deaths were reported at this time. But the situation has driven terrorism back into the narrative.

The New York Daily News reports that allegedly five members of this terrorist's family were en route to John F. Kennedy International Airport. They were stopped in their tracks. The SUV the five were traveling in contained a stash of weapons. Of course, they have the right to carry firearms in New York state.

The terrorist was not on any terror watch lists or in any counterterrorism databases, Reuters reports. It is not known if he has a criminal record.

He was allegedly the "NICE GUY". He was a student at Middlesex Community College from 2010 to 2012 in New Jersey, but did not graduate, the school told NBC News. He studied criminal justice.

The terrorist worked with his family at a local chicken joint in Linden, New Jersey.

According to the Times, the terrorist eventually took over the day-to-day operations of his family’s restaurant.

There may be local ordinance laws towards carrying firearms in New York City.

The agitators in the junk food media have licked their chops once again.

Everyone once again will jump to conclusions about how this terrorist motivated his attack.

We'll hear the "radical Islam" nonsense again. Saying radical Islam doesn't make the threat go away.

If saying that makes you feel comfortable, more power to you. I mean I call it terrorism.

Mass shootings should be classified as terrorism.

The shiny coin is being chased again by the agitators. They will focus on this for the next two weeks and then we're back into another controversy in which Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama will be thrusted upon again.

Blaming someone other than the suspect is common. The partisan driven media agitators are likely the ones to continue this "divide". Republicans and Democrats do it. It's pathetic.

There's no such thing as unity in the United States. All these symbolic themes, all this talk about coming together and these holidays based off tragedy aren't helpful.

Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, 9/11 tributes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are days where Americans are supposed to come together.

If you ask me about it, I would gladly tell you that unity is never gonna happen as long as we have a country ran by politicians, a polarizing junk food media and a closed mind.

Open minds tend to shape the world. It's an eternity to shape the world.

Who's the real threat to country?

Look in the mirror and point at yourself.

President Barack Obama addresses the United Nations and the public. He took a moment to address the feds involvement in the attacks in New York, New Jersey and the one in Minnesota.

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