Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trump's Black Friend Ran Blackface On Social Media!

It's unfortunate that Republicans struggle to win Black voters. Instead of addressing the Black community in a thoughtful and yes rational way, they reignite the very condescending things that make it harder for them to win a crucial voting block.

The Democratic Party has pretty much won the Black vote. The country elected Barack Obama, the first Black president. The Democratic Party nominated twice and the American people elected twice the first African American to ever this title. 

Republicans continue to elect old White and extremely conservative candidates for president. They continue this tradition by picking a White old, ignorant, self-serving, narcissistic, billionaire as their nominee. 

A nominee who would retweet White extremists postings. A nominee who would pay for a man's court cost after he sucker punched a Black Lives Matter protester. A nominee who would talk about Black plight from the privileged White suburbs. A nominee who support the Second Amendment only when it comes to Whites protecting their homes, property and lives from Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and liberal activists. A nominee who would pander for votes after making gesturing remark about a NBA player's family member being gunned down by the very Second Amendment rights he is willing to support.
Mark Burns, one of Trump's black supporters.
Yet, the Black support for this nominee is at a measly 4% nationally.

Maybe it's because of the circus of Black Republican performers that clown around.

Diamond and Silk, Jesse Lee Petersom, Katrina Pierson and Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Jr., are notable performers in the circus of Black Republican performers. Now a Black preacher will be added to the list of performers.

Donald Trump's Black advisor had to back pedal after he went to social media to post an offensive comic about Hillary Clinton.

Pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump supporter quickly deleted this offensive picture from his social media. He got this nonsense from some White extremist named Tony Branco (known as A.F.).

Burns quickly apologized to the people for spreading this image. 

Unfortunately, Branco stands by this shit. His website is ripe with offensive caricatures of Clinton, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

"Political cartoons are supposed to rile people up, get people talking, have a discussion about issues," said Branco. "It's supposed to focus people's attention on the issue, and that's what the cartoon did. And I'm pretty proud that it did that".

Thank god the president and Clinton have thick skin. They don't really care what people say about them. Donald Trump does. He's so temperamental and an embarrassment to the nation.

The alt-right (the coined term for White extremists) panders in this nonsense.

You must be a supporter of Donald Trump and Mike Pence is you like this cartoonist. You must support them if you think these offensive themes about the first Black president aren't racist. You must support them if deny the reasons to Republicans fail at winning the Black vote.

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