Monday, August 15, 2016

The Nightly Show Axed!

Comedy Central ends The Nightly Show. 

In a surprising move, Comedy Central has  put the breaks on Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show.

Sources reporting for Variety have said that the two year run for the satirically Black comedy show is ending at 100 episodes. The sources cite the weak lead in from the departure of Jon Stewart as a contributing factor to the show being cancelled.

It also makes it troubling for Trevor Noah who took over for Stewart a year back.

He was the hand picked successor of Jon. The South African comedian and writer has been somewhat struggling with ratings as well. Noah and Wilmore weren't nominated for any Emmys this year.

Wilmore is unapologetically Black and brutality honest. He is very passionate about issues with Black America. He often is annoyed by the showboating antics of conservatives like "Softball" Hannity and Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Jr.

He was the host of President Barack last White House Correspondent Dinner this year.

This is some devastating news.

Also it seems like CBS is hoping to pick up steam with James Corden. The Late Late Show is on the rise. Its fueling rumors that Stephen Colbert isn't pleased about his follow up getting all the glory.

Wilmore was then the senior Black Correspondent for The Daily Show before he was promoted to host his own show.

Wilmore is co-executive producer of the Kenya Burris and Anthony Anderson comedy black-ish on ABC.

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