Sunday, August 07, 2016

Peaches And Cream!

Hillary Clinton is catching fire in states Republicans normally hold.

Democrats are hoping that Hillary Clinton could hold down. There are two states that are swinging in the wind and it's not Ohio and Florida. These two southern states are sunny for the Democratic nominee.

The states of Georgia and Arizona are in play. The two states seen a population boom of African American and Hispanic Americans. The young voters could impact the state's turnout.

Georgia is a state that hasn't went to a Democrat since her husband 42 carried it in 1992. It has her leading barely by 3 - 5 points on average.

Arizona on the other hand is still looking like a Republican win. Clinton is down by three in most polls. It's significant means that the state is in play.

These polls could impact how massive the damage Trump's done to the Republicans.

Clinton's chances of winning the U.S. presidential election went up to 69%. Her opponent Donald Trump, the nominee for the Republicans made numerous errors since the convention and now his campaign is doing damage control.

His surrogates are trying to blame the media for Trump's slide in the polls.

This has been the most solid lead Clinton held onto.

The candidates will head to Detroit to lay out their economic plans.

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