Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Drake: Meek Mill Embarrasses Philly!

Drake clowned on rival Meek Mill in his own hometown. And of course, Meek Mill and his goon squad tried to run up on him. But they got shut down.

Drake brought out his mentor Lil' Wayne to perform at the Wells Fargo Arena. Drake had the fans singing with him and as he peformed his hits. He also had Philadelphia boo Meek Mill. That's embarrassing.

Drake dissed Meek Mill in his own hometown.
You may remember that Drake was being accused of having a ghostwriter by Meek Mill. The rapper was pissed that Drake didn't promote his album and he got on Twitter and used his fingers to slam him for being fake.

Drake went into the studio and let him have it. He hit him with "Charged Up" and "Back to Back".

Drake destroyed Meek Mill's credibility as a rapper.

"You're not from Philly, Nigga!" - Drake.
Meek Mill was clowned online.
This ongoing feud has gotten so much attention. Fans of Meek Mill were disappointed in his response. The song "Wanna Know" was panned for being weak.

Since that, Meek Mill is now being referred as "Nicki Minaj's boy toy".

It's also shocking that Meek is about to move into Nicki Minaj's luxury home. So now he's in his girl home too.

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