Saturday, August 27, 2016

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News!

With all this talk about Hillary Clinton's health, one would have you believe that Donald Trump is in perfect health. It turns out that he's got a problem.

The doctor who wrote Trump's bill of clean health wrote the note in less than five minutes.

Addicting Info wrote that Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s physician for 35 years, confessed that he took only five minutes to write up the assessment of Trump, who he described in the letter as in “excellent” health.

The four-paragraph letter — the only medical information released by Trump — was written and released in December but has drawn fresh scrutiny in recent days as Trump’s allies have questioned Hillary Clinton’s health, despite a more detailed two-page letter from her doctor that said she has no serious issues.
A quack and a doctor.
This nonsense about Clinton's declining health has been a recurring theme on The Drudge Report,  Breitbart, InfoWars and Sean "Softball" Hannity's show. They demand the health records of Clinton.

Clinton spoke in Reno slamming Trump on his pandering to the alt right.

It's a repetitive theme of the kookspiracy. They have been on this birth certificate nonsense as well.

Remember Donald Trump has spent a portion of his time demanding President Barack Obama showing his birth certificate.

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