Monday, August 08, 2016

Cop Out!

Will someone put a cork in this asshole's mouth.

Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. once again make an appearance on Fox News to attack President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He boldly says that Clinton is a "straight up cop hater".

The Milwaukee County sheriff is an extremely controversial figure in the junk food media. He's a Black lawman who was voted into his position as a Democrat. He hardly acts like a Democrat.

He's a stark raving lunatic who supports conservative causes.

He gets praised from White extremists for being the "only good Nigger".

The Clinton campaign was never going to get an endorsement from the conservative Fraternal Order of Police. But the conservative agitators in the junk food media have went bananas over the alleged "snub" of the top-cop union.

Now the Fox News and conservative agitators are calling Clinton and #BlackLivesMatter a bunch of "cop killers" and "lawless" deviants.

When you demand police be held accountable for their actions, to these assholes like Clarke and Fox News, "you're against the cops."

Funny shit.

The FOP endorsed John McCain and George W. Bush for president. It avoided endorsing Mitt Romney because he wasn't able to fill out the questionnaire on time.

Clinton was given the same lengthy questionnaire and wasn't able to finish in time. So I guess that's the snub. I mean with all the time to appear in Congress for 11 hours, 3 hours at the FBI and on the road and in a plane campaigning, she could squeeze an hour into answering questions.

I bet there were questions about Black Lives Matter in it.

Donald Trump was meeting with the FOP Union boss. The boss said the conversation was pretty good.

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