Friday, August 26, 2016

A D*ck Honors A Bigger D*ck!

More divisive rhetoric from Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke.

Police Benevolent Union of New York decided to honor the most divisive figure in the junk food media. Patrick Lynch honored Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke for his outstanding benefits to those who wear the badge.

A politically divisive figure who called Black Lives Matter activists a bunch of slime. A politically divisive figure who called then Attorney General Eric Holder an "asshole". A politically divisive figure who said that President Barack Obama hates cops and relishes in the murder of Whites.

A politically divisive figure who is a Black lawman who was elected as a Democrat. A politically divisive figure who resides over a country that is ranked one of the worst places for Black people to live.

A city with a population of 648,000 residents. A city that is divided by a viaduct that literally divides the city's Black and White population. The well off live south of the city. The poor live in the north.

An area where residents claim that the political divisive rhetoric from this figure created the distrust.

A politically divisive figure who appears on Fox News and especially Sean "Softball" Hannity's program more than a handful of times to bash Black leaders who call for accountability.
Rubbing salt in the wound, NYPD police union boss Patrick Lynch honors David Clarke, a Black conservative sheriff from Wisconsin.
This is who they honor for their Patrolman of the Year.

“I think of Mr. Clarke the same way I regard Bull Connor, the same kind of law enforcement officer who would sick fire hoses and dogs on elderly women,” said Kirsten John Foy, northeast regional director for the National Action Network.

“I think he has a disregard for people of color. He has allowed the power that comes with the badge or the gun to cloud his true mission or perspective. “

Marquez Claxton, a retired NYPD detective and former member of the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement group, called the PBA’s decision to honor Clarke “surprising and disturbing.”

“This is a guy who is beyond polarizing, who has zero empathy at even understanding about police community relations, who has even less respect for communities of color,” Claxton said.

“He really is often times nothing less than a hate-monger.”
Two figures that dismiss BlackLivesMatter and President Barack Obama.
PBA President Pat Lynch offered a vastly different take on Clarke, an unabashed Donald Trump supporter who has become a hero to the right for taking on black activists.

“During this challenging and dangerous period for police officers across the country, Sheriff Clarke has stepped into the national spotlight as a passionate defender of our profession, appearing frequently on TV programs and at high-profile events such as the Republican National Convention to push back against the rising tide of anti-police sentiment,” Lynch wrote in a letter to his members.

Lynch and Clarke are politically divisive figures. The trust between Blacks and law enforcement is at an all time low. We can credit them for agitating the notion that cops can't do wrong and it's the fault of Blacks.

According to Lynch and Clarke, any criminal act by a Black suspect is punishable for death.

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