Monday, August 08, 2016


Donald Trump used to mock President Barack Obama for using a teleprompter. Now struggling in the polls, guess Trump decided to use one to deliver an economic speech.

Already facing a mountain of criticism, the Trump campaign decided to "reset" the campaign.

Donald Trump delivers his economic speech in Detroit and guess what he used!

The teleprompter. That device that conservatives were complaining about when President Barack Obama was using it during his prepared speeches. To this day, they still complain about the president using them. Last month, The Drudge Report splashed on its website the president stuttering during his concerns about Trump.

They were saying without the teleprompter, Obama would be a hot mess.

Anyway, Trump gives out his "low energy" speech on how to improve the economy by offering the same Republican talking points. He also took aim at Hillary Clinton for being a part of "yesterday".

Trump decided to make Detroit the fault of Obama and Clinton. He also pointed out his proposals should be able to bring people into the workforce and out of food stamps.

Now Trump's proposals include a lowering of tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent and creating two other rates of 10 percent and 10 percent. Pretty much trickle down economics.

He will used the Paul Ryan's austerity budget as kickstart.

Trump had endorsed Ryan for his bitter primary fight.

His speech was interrupted by protesters. Trump didn't get too angry at them. He stuck to the script.

Clinton hits him back. She first points out the Trump economic team is mostly old White men. She also said that the Trump plan is the same recycled garbage that perennial loser Mitt Romney tried to sell to the public.

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