Monday, July 04, 2016

U.A.E. Condemns Ohio Police For Profiling Man Visiting!


Avon Police and the mayor had to formally apologize to a man who traveled to the Cleveland area after they arrest him. They mistaken him as an Islamic State supporter. This arrest touched an international firestorm.

A hotel worker swatted a call about a man looking suspicious and pledging support to the Islamic State. The Avon Police come with high power firearms. The police immediately arrive at the hotel and order the man on the ground and search him for items.
Ahmed passed out after being detained by the law on a crank call.
Fairfield Inns and Suites, the Avon Police and the mayor had to formally apologize to the man after they detained him.

Fairfield Inns a division of Marriott Hotels, Inc hasn't commented on the worker, but it's assumed that the cannon is ready to fire after this came forth.

This was recorded on body camera.

Ahmed al-Menhali was detained by the law after the call. He would suffer from a fainting spell after they released him.

Of course, saying you support the Islamic State isn't illegal. Carrying out a potential terrorist plot is.

The United Arab Emirates quickly condemned the police and the hotel chain for rushing to judgement and basing their accusations on agitators in the media.

It's attracted the attention of #BlackLivesMatter, the Council of American Islamic Relations, Cop Block and the NAACP.

They are calling for heads to roll. After watching some of the videos on YouTube courtesy of WEWS 5 for the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area, I am certain that Avon will have a U.S. Justice Department investigation in the coming years.

Matter of fact, they want to make this a message about how quick law enforcement are when it comes to Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. The officers are quick to load and shoot an unarmed citizen of color rather than use proper judgement.

Okay there were incidents in Florida, Texas, California and this one in Ohio this year. While conservatives are screaming "radical Islam" and "ISIS". their loyal base are attacking innocent men and women.

Why are the conservatives not condemning their own?

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