Monday, July 04, 2016

Turk Crawls Back To Cash Money Records!

Turk is desperate. He resigns to Cash Money Records after years of beef. 

While Tunechi is feuding with the label, Tab Virgil, Jr. known in the hip-hop world as Turk went back to Cash Money Records. This was a surprise move given the situation with Lil' Wayne and his former mentor Bryan "Baby" Williams. Williams known as Birdman put a block on Wayne's album. Any album Lil' Wayne releases outside of his contract will net him a lawsuit from Cash Money.

He just settled at $1.3 million lawsuit with the label last year. 

Turk went to social media to post his gratitude to the label.

"The heart of a man, it could spark change; sometimes it gets hard, sometimes it gets soft. And, when you dealing with a lot of money and you dealing with a lot of talent, you dealing with a lot of ego and pride. With that being said, I don't know what God got in store for the old Cash Money clique...would there ever be a Hot Boys reunion. But, it's al love. And right now, my situation, it's just friendly competition."

The good old days. The Hot Boys and Big Tymers.
Turk who completed a 14 year bid in federal time out for a gun charge is looking to save his failing career as a rapper. He was convicted of being a felon with a firearm. He was also a fugitive on the run for attempted murder.

He also was playing in the snow. He was busted with a 20 grams on the table.

Since his release from the iron college, he became a broke rapper. He owes debts from child support to unpaid bills and the criminal fine.

He was on social media begging his fans for $5 million to pay off his debts.

Seeing him and Juvie (formerly known as Juvenile) resign to Cash Money shows ignorance. 

I don't want to assume but I am guessing they failed high school. They wanted to focus on entertainment and they thought they could be rock stars. When they got the bug in the ear, they got mad and pouted. 

When you break a contract, you pretty much broke your wallet. Cash Money went on to sign Drake and Nicki Minaj and they proved to be successful and the old acts aren't.

Returning to Cash Money shows that loyalty overcomes money. But in reality, Juvie and Turk are broke and it's no joke!

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