Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Definition Of Irony!

TJ Williams and friends get bucked livestreaming.

The price of internet celebrity.

Three men were bucked by a gunman in another callous mass shooting in Norfolk, Virginia. The Hampton Roads community is at a lost of words.

These young men were enjoying life and some terrorist with a firearm shot them.

World News Today send our prayers and condolences to the families of this senseless tragedy.

You know what!

I am tired of giving prayers! I want something done immediately about the epidemic of gun violence not only plaguing the Black community but America as a whole.


Congress assures more massacres to occur because they're lily livered cowards when it comes to gun control. They fear the almighty National Rifle Association and their merry band of kookspiracy nuts and old White extremists.

Republicans and their conservative agitating allies rather see White people have firearms. In the same breathe they concern troll about how many lives were lost to gun violence in Chicago and Black leaders not mentioning it in the junk food media.

Newsflash: The Black community, President Barack Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Black Lives Matter have addressed these issues many times. It's ignored by conservatives.

They rather bitch and bemoan about how our problems are the reasons to why America in general is fucked up.

They would often find us guilty before innocent. They often judge us for criminals than human beings.
Life was good.
In their glass houses, they can't do no wrong. Hey see a Black man smoking weed on camera, and conservatives say it's "Thugs" and "Niggers".

No one is perfect. But damn, these guys were having a good time and this asshole would take away that freedom that you conservatives all so bitch about!

The only person who deserves the blame for gun crimes is the shooter. The person who decided that my life, and your life doesn't matter. That's why Black Lives Matter formed.

When a Black unarmed teen's killer managed to skirt the system when clearly he should have been convicted, the rage of mistrust and a justice system privileged only towards Whites is often a rally cry for Black men and women. They feel that if the law can't help us when we're in need, who can we really turn to when there's actual criminal activity in our neighborhoods.

And the social media craze is probably one of the culprits in the latest round of shootings.

People are taking a likening to Pokemon Go and Facebook's Livestream function. Nintendo raked in a cool $10 billion after the Pokemon app went live. Over 500,000 downloads in the first hour of the release. It's probably obtained over 32.9 million users surpassing even social media titian Twitter.

Facebook is capitalizing off the daily routine. The livestream app is pickup and people are engaging in doing daily posting of their normal day. They share their normal day with millions of others.

Also giving themselves a beacon. Now I haven't used Facebook's Livestream yet but I can only imagine that it gives a homing beacon to where you live and it could invite criminal activity to your door.

Well the victim who recorded his demise was confirmed as TJ Williams. The men who were aged 27 and 29 respectively were also hit.

Williams is seen smoking and listening to hip-hop music but into five minutes, gunfire. The gunfire landed into the vehicle and they were down.

Within the seconds of the shootings, the residents come to the aid of the victims.

Two of the victims have life-threatening injuries. One has non-life threatening injuries.

This is the edited version of the video. The full video is over 75 minutes long and it details the cries of help from the men and the residents screaming.

This comes a few weeks after another man filmed his tragic demise. A Chicago man was gunned down while livestreaming on Facebook.

The tragic incident in Minneapolis also was livestreamed. The death of Philando Castile also brought attention to alleged police brutality.

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