Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pentagon Worker Points Gun At Unarmed Residents!

The guy who pointed a firearm at residents is still alive. He is the under secretary for the U.S. Navy.

Looks like another person waving in the public a firearm is alive and well. While people like Alva Braziel are gunned down for waving a firearm, a top deputy for the U.S. Navy is alive and allowed to keep his firearm.

Although he will face a disciplinary hearing, Karnig Ohannessian will be able to walk the streets without an officer pulling him over and restraining him.

This happened in early July. It was recorded by a family and sent to CBS News. The Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Navy stands on a sidewalk in front of a two-story home.

He went to argue with the young men, telling them to leave and pointing his gun at them. A woman grabs her camera phone and tries to calm him down. 

Fairfax County police came to the residence and arrested him. He was detained for a few hours and then released. 

Ohannessian went silent after the junk food media found out he was the person who pointed the firearm at the young men.

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