Thursday, July 07, 2016

Another View!

Shot Alton Sterling at point blank range.


Two shootings of Black men by law enforcement managed to spark discussion on police brutality.

It's no secret that unarmed Black suspects are judged through the lens of conservatives. Already some are accusing the victims of being gang members and rapists. Even a washed up celebrity went to social media to denounce the victim because she got her info off an internet troll.

The men were in their legal right to have firearms. It doesn't matter to the law or the court of pubic opinion, they are guilty until proven innocent. The deaths of both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile sparked feverish protests.

If these events weren't filmed, the outcome would have been the officer's word against the deceased.

Shot at point blank range.
Now you know the deceased can't talk. The deceased is dead.

The cop can say anything to beat a preliminary hearing and a grand jury indictment.

But no matter how much video evidence shows the cop acted in the wrong, the grand jury will likely say he acted in self defense and the evidence isn't there. It's come to the point where I believe no cop will be indicted on the murder of an unarmed Black suspect.

Today, the junk food media released the second video of the Baton Rouge police officers shooting Alton in the chest. This was being filmed by the owner of the store where Alton was selling his CDs and DVDs.

The second video was filmed by Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of the convenience store outside which the shooting occurred.  The police officers had been called after reports that a man selling CDs outside the convenience store had threatened someone with a gun.

They shot him three times, and rolled off of him. Then they shot him three more times.
Alton Sterling didn't deserve to die.
“That’s his gun they are taking out of his pocket.

"As soon as I finished the video, I put my phone in my pocket. I knew they would take it from me, if they knew I had it. They took my security camera videos. They told me they had a warrant, but didn’t show me one. So I kept this video for myself. Otherwise, what proof do I have?"

Muflahi added that Alton had been carrying a gun for self-defense.

He said: "He started carrying a weapon a couple of days ago after a couple of his friends that also sell CDs at different locations were robbed."

According to the junk food media, an anonymous call was placed about a man waving a gun at a person. CNN claims that the person may have been a panhandler or homeless person.

So Alton and Philando had firearms on them. It that illegal for them to have firearm?
Alton's family is completely angered by the thoughtless death.
No. They had a legal right to have a firearm. They didn't fire at the officers or point at them.

Still they end up in a pool of blood and cop's word is that he's attempted.

The names of the officers were released. The names Howie Lake II and Blaine Salamoni were released to the junk food media. They are in the freezer pending a state and federal investigation.

Okay, when will the conservatives and internet trolls look into the social media of these two?

When will the junk food media start asking the amount of  hours of training the officers had before they hit the streets?

The family did a presser yesterday. The emotion on his 15-year old son broke my heart. It just got to him because according to the family, to watch that video and the reaction from critics who believe this is justifiable devastates you.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

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