Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Republican Controlled Congress Is Inept!

Sen. Chris Murphy  (D-CT) laid into the Republicans yesterday on their inept actions in the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando in which this cat laid into 50 people in aneed act of hate against the LGBT community.

Unlike the worthless filibusters from failed presidential candidates Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) this one really gets the ball rolling on gun control. This issue has been ignored with prayers and silence. The distraction from Republicans and their conservative agitating allies is the tired "Obama is taking your guns excuse" to rile up gun buyers.

President Barack Obama has said that these mass shootings have gotten out of hand. Why would we continue to have those with mental issues and possible terrorists obtain these powerful weapons?

The calls for a semi automatic weapons ban will likely go nowhere with this inept Congress.

Republicans and Donald Trump are looking forward to distancing themselves from gun control. They already made the focus on "radical Islam" and the president being "weak" on terrorism because he doesn't say it.

Republicans are really unpopular right now. With Trump as their leader, the party is going to likely suffer in the polls. Trump's rhetoric isn't helpful at all.

He doubles down on calling the president a terrorist sympathizer.

Conservative attack the president for calling for an assault weapons ban, saying Islam isn't the enemy and telling Americans that the LGBT community is loved.

If the good guy had a gun while the bad guy was shooting is a pathetic argument. It's likely the gunman or the law would shoot you knowing that you have a gun. It doesn't matter to the law if you a concealed carry, they see you as a threat. Also you could miss and shoot a hostage or an innocent victim. You could be charged with a crime.

World News Today continues to cover the Orlando massacre.

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