Saturday, June 25, 2016

Future Gone E.T.!

Future warns rivals not to go after him. He's turned up!

Atlanta's codeine obsessed trap rapper once again throws down with another banger. Future and DJ Esco released the mixtape Project E.T. on Friday. He took aim a bunch of individuals who took shots at him.

Get in line.

Future is about to spaz on 'em.

Future the hottest act in the game. He released three albums that went platinum and number 1 on the Billboard charts. He's going on tour with Drake and is planning on releasing his fifth album on Epic Records this year.

Future is going after Rocko, Desiigner, Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Future made a threat on Russell Wilson. Future refers to O.J. Simpson and double murders ... and includes a line threatening an unnamed dude who's trying to "f*** my baby mama."

Project E.T. from Future and DJ Esco. Streamed over 1.4 million times.
The track from DJ Esco's mixtape is called "Juice" -- and includes the lines: "Murder trial, O.J. Simpson. White on white, O.J. Simpson. Double murder, O.J. Simpson."

But then he spits this line ... "Tryin' to f*** my baby mama, dog what's up with you? You gon' make me get a heat, I'm pullin' up on you."

Future released EVOL in February and it went platinum. It was released on APPLE Music. This mixtape is released through APPLE Music, and

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