Sunday, June 05, 2016

Bern Out!

Sanders could end up being labeled a "sore loser" if he continues to fight to the convention.

Many in the junk food media have finally had enough of the Democratic primaries. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are at the end of the road. Some of the junk food media is now focusing on Clinton and her challenger Republican Donald Trump.

This will be a historical first. Two candidates from the mainstream parties being highly unpopular among the registered voters.

Their negatives will eventually drop now that it's likely Clinton and Trump will be the nominees of their respective parties.

Clinton who is close to securing the nomination can't get rid of Sanders.

Sanders says he vows to fight all the way to the convention. Many analysis are probably saying that's mostly bluster coming from Sanders. They don't believe he'll carry forth knowing he's out of money.

The polls in New Jersey and California are tightening and it seems like Clinton is leading. If she wins in the California primary it's over for Bernie Sanders.

Right now Puerto Rico's Democratic primary was a blowout for Clinton. The U.S. territory (commonwealth) is struggling and Congress is still inept. Sanders is a part of the inept Congress as a member of the U.S. Senate.

Sanders, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio are relatively unaccomplished senators. Name one sponsored legislation by the four. They haven't done really much since they decided to run for president. At least on the bright side, Sanders calls upon a vote for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Puerto Ricans aren't thrilled that Congress keeps punting the bailout. The territory is facing a $204 billion debt and the territory could default on its debt. Many Puerto Ricans may eventually call for independence if the United States government decides to leave the island hanging. Even Sanders called for independence. A bad move on his part because that upsets party leaders and it gives the notion that Sanders is inconsistent on issues.

Clinton who enjoys high support from the Hispanic/Latino supporters got the vote in.

Sanders and Cruz got attention for fighting against the status quo.

The status quo isn't keen on them so they rallied around Trump and Clinton. Yeah, they're negatives are high, but damnit, the two are viable than the rest.

I voted for Bernie and I am proud to do so.

But it's not worth fighting for if Clinton won the popular vote and capture the delegates. The Superdelegates will be around regardless of the complaints.

Clinton made the mistake of complaining about the superdelegates when she was trailing against Barack Obama.

The junk food media (especially conservative agitators) were hoping that Clinton supporters would not support Barack Obama for president. They were playing the Clintons4McCain, P.U,M.A. and NoBama nonsense.

Now it's Berns4Trump, BernieorBust, or BernieBros. Deja Vu.

I'm not surprise they're calling for a third party bid. Sanders would violate his agreement and wouldn't be eligible on many ballots if he mounts a third party bid.

That's like the Republicans and establishment folks saying that David French has a chance to stop Trump. Or even perennial loser Mitt Romney. Not happening.

Like it or not, Trump and Clinton are the nominees. Both are seriously flawed. Both are negative.

Clinton will face accusations of racism, attacks on her gender and accusations of criminal misconduct. Republicans will continue to throw stones at glass houses by going after Bill Clinton's affairs. They will probably try to label Clinton a third term of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. They will drive the stories of her emails and Benghazi to the depths of hell.

Trump will face accusations of racism and sexism. He will be questioned on shady business deals, his television career and Trump University. The Democrats will continue to bring a knife to a gunfight by calling his supporters idiots and bigots. They will try to tie Trump to Ted Cruz, Neo-Nazi David Duke, that old fart Rush Limbaugh, Softball Hannity, Screwball Alex Jones and Barry Goldwater. Trump's Muslim ban, That Black Guy remark and HUGE wall over Mexico will be used to rile up non-White voters. They will drag this through the depths of hell as well.

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