Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Trolls Are "Bern'n" Bridges With The Dems!

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is still in the race and Democrats are getting frustrated with his supporters.

Democrats are starting to get annoyed with the supporters of Bernie Sanders. They seriously believe that Sanders is starting to act like a "sore loser" and the party is getting behind Hillary Clinton.

The supporters believe that the system is rigged and they threatened to vote against Clinton if she becomes the nominee. The line has been crossed! There's a huge rift within the Democratic Party.

We're seeing a same folks who once trolled failed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul now troll the Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The so-called Bernie Bros. are the newest version of trolls underneath the bandwidth bridge.

While it looks like Sanders may pull off a win in Oregon and Kentucky, party leaders are starting to get concerned that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will to the convention weaken by the onslaught of the Bernie Bros.

Sanders who is an independent U.S. Senator from Vermont. He caucuses with the Democrats on crucial policies that help the middle class. He made it top priority to focus on helping the middle class and stopping the greed of is popular among the young and well educated.

Well almost well educated.

On Saturday, the supporters of Sanders went batshit crazy over the delegates being handed to Clinton.

Some of the Sanders delegates weren't registered on time and the rules were to have it done before closing date. Of course, the memo was ignored and the supporters were none to happy about it.

Roberta Lange, the Democratic chairwoman for the Nevada Democratic Party was getting hit with death threats and sexist voicemails.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Minority Leader in the Senate said that Sanders's needs to control his crew. Reid also condemned Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) for being the "Ted Cruz of the left". Reid said that he rather see Grayson lose badly and leave the House for good. Reid said that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Grayson are unaccomplished lawmakers who run their mouths than pass legislation.
Bernie supporters are trolling the Democrats.
Grayson who is facing ethics investigation is a longshot for the nomination for the open seat being vacated by failed presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) is the most suitable choice for the Democrats and Grayson promised to stop the coronation.

There are real concerns about the party platform and the superdelegates. Some believe that the superdelegates gives Clinton a leg up. It's also not helpful that some of the Sanders supporters are getting their advice from AM agitators (i.e. liberal and conservative shitkickers).

Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, that old fart Rush Limbaugh and even that annoying conservative agitator Softball Hannity are causing the rift between the Democrats.

I got so annoyed listening to the left agitators Press and Hartmann spin the hypothetical bullshit about how Sanders could beat Trump in a matchup. Sanders is not recognized by most Americans. Sanders has proposals that wouldn't even make it through a stubborn and lackluster Congress.

To make this clear for everyone here, Clinton and Sanders aren't strong candidates. They could  be defeated by Trump. Trump has dirty politicos like Roger Stone who could distract the public with baseless allegations and stupid hearsay. The message about improving the lives of Americans will be wasted on the fear of socialism and the 2012 Benghazi tragedy.

Donald Trump isn't a strong candidate either. He's too goddamn polarizing. He's negative and he is an embarrassment to the country. His rhetoric could hurt relations with allies.

The ignorance of voters and a tad bit of racial angst is driving the controversial billionaire into the spotlight. Barack Obama's presence in the White House is a driving factor to Republicans pushing forth this hostility and Trump's candidacy. Trump is being covered in  4:1 ratio. Sanders gets 2:1 ratio of coverage and Clinton gets 2.4:1 ratio of media coverage.

I've even got tired of liberal agitator Stephanie Miller defending Clinton and constantly name dropping Donald Trump in every sentence. She is starting to be as annoying as Softball Hannity with the word vomit of names.

Not one of the liberal agitators focused on the lackluster Congress, the president's push to getting Merrick Garland appointed to the Supreme Court and the economy. All I heard from these agitators on AM is "TRUMP", "CLINTON" and "MEDIA".

Sanders and his campaign team said that the behavior is inappropriate but the frustration is legitimate.

They defend some of the tactics and said that if things don't change expect more. They warned that they'll run this Philadelphia. Sanders needs 85% of the delegates to clinch the nomination.

Don't worry folks! It's not over for the #NeverTrump people. Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) isn't supporting Trump. The Republicans are willing to accept Trump as the nominee (as long as he's capable of beating Clinton).

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