Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ohio's Inept AG Wants To Be The Guv!

Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine confirms that he's in the running for the Republican nomination for the state's governor.

DeWine believes that he could win the state given the "oh so great" job of his boss John Kasich.

Kasich, the failed presidential candidate is currently the governor of the state. He's a conservative who pretends to be a moderate. He so far signed off controversial laws that go after unions and abortions. He's so far leading at the bottom in job creation.

DeWine is controversial. He held back evidence in the controversial shootings of Malissa Williams, Timothy Russell, John Crawford and Tamir Rice.

Timothy Russell picks up Malissa Williams from an area known for prostitution. The East Cleveland and Cleveland Police gave chase to them, They took off a broke down vehicle and it made a popping sound. The officers believed they were firing at them. They cornered them at a middle school and they let the bullets fly. Over 137 slugs hit the car and one officer jumped on the vehicle shooting into them. One of the officer Michael Belo was charged for the crime but managed to beat the case. He was fired out the cannon along with eight others. The family of Russell and Williams sued the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland, the officers and Mike DeWine for withholding evidence.

John Crawford was in a Dayton area Walmart when he picked up a pellet gun. A man called 911 saying that Crawford was pointing the gun at people. The Beavercreek Police immediately came and stop Crawford. The officers claimed that they gave verbal warning and then they shot him. It turns out that in the video, Crawford was on the phone with the pellet gun lowered and the officer who fired upon him didn't give ample notice to drop. The officer Sean Williams is still in the freezer pending a federal probe on his routine. The Crawford family sued Beavercreek, the officer and DeWine for withholding the video.

Tamir Rice was in a Cleveland park playing with a pellet gun. He was minding his business when a man called 911 saying that there's a man in a park pointing a gun at people. The Cleveland Police immediately came and stopped Rice. The officers claimed that they gave verbal warning and then they shot him. It turns out that in the video, Rice was caught off guard by the officers. They pulled up right on him and within a few seconds he was shot in the stomach. Rice was pronounced dead the next day. The family claims that the officer Tim Loehmann was untrained and reckless. They sued the city of Cleveland, the officer, and DeWine for withholding evidence.

DeWine is a piece of shit. He won't prosecute incompetent police officers. He will continue to allow reckless actions to happen. And he wants Ohio Republicans to know that he's tough on crime.


Right now he doesn't want to accept refugees from Syria. He sued the government over marriage. He sued the government over President Barack Obama's immigration and trans protection law. He also is pushing for Ohio to have voting rights restricted.

Even his role in the mass shooting in Waverly, Ohio is inept. The Rowden family was murdered in cold blood. There' were allegations of marijuana grow operation and a professional hit was put out on a handful of family members. DeWine can't even determine who's actually responsible for the callous murder of innocent human beings.

DeWine who has ties to the Dayton metro area was a state legislator, U.S. representative and U.S. senator. As a senator, DeWine was a yes man for Bush. He got his ass sent back to Ohio after taking a beating from Sherrod Brown, a congressman from Lorain, Ohio.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is being floated as a potential veep for either Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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