Monday, May 02, 2016

Prepare For A Spanking!

It looks like the hits keep on coming. The conservative Craigslist decided to make fun of Ted Cruz while he did a stump stage in Indiana. He was confronted by a boy who told him he sucked.

Cruz responded to him and told him that he's rude and children like him deserve a spanking!

He also got an earful from Donald Trump supporters. He got into a heated confrontation with a Trumpublican. The ignorant exchange was caught on tape.

The New York Times gets the exchange word-by-word.

“Vote Trump!” one shouted.

“Say something really funny!” a Cruz supporter replied.

“Ted Cruz is going to win!” a Trump fan in dark sunglasses shot back.

Then Cruz did something unusual: He crossed the street.

With a phalanx of aides and reporters trailing him, Cruz approached his critics with a question.

“What do you like about Donald Trump?” he asked.

“Everything,” said the man in the sunglasses, who later refused to give his name.

When the protester mentioned the Second Amendment, Cruz said he had defended gun rights in front of the Supreme Court. The man appeared unimpressed.

When he mentioned immigration, Cruz was ready with a bit of opposition research.

“May I ask you something?” the Texas senator said. “Out of all the candidates, name one who had a million-dollar judgment against them for hiring illegal immigrants. Name one. Donald Trump.”

“Self-funding,” the man replied.

“O.K.,” Cruz said, “so you like rich people who buy politicians?”

The man asked Cruz where his “Goldman Sachs jacket” was, alluding to the employer of Cruz’s wife, Heidi, who took a leave from her job for the campaign.

Cruz responded that he had attracted more than a million campaign contributions, with an average of $60. He was interrupted sporadically by shouts of “Lyin’ Ted” from the protester’s peers.

“Sir, with all respect,” Cruz said, “Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump.”

Cruz conjectured that Trump would not have walked over to meet the protesters.

“If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t have come over and talked to you,” he said. “You know what I would have done? I would have told the folks over there, ‘Go over and punch those guys in the face.’ That’s what Donald does to protesters.”

The catcalls of “Lyin’ Ted!” returned.

“O.K., stop,” Cruz said. “What word did I say was a lie?”

“About Donald telling people to punch people,” the man said.

“O.K., let me ask you, sir,” Cruz responded. “Just go home and Google ‘Donald-punched-in-the-face-protester.’ This is on national television.”

The man ignored him to make a conjecture of his own: “You’ll find out tomorrow. Indiana don’t want you.”

Cruz turned toward the cameras, as if making a closing argument in court.

“A question that everyone here should ask,” he began.

“Are you Canadian?” the man interjected.

“Do you want your kids,” Cruz continued, “repeating the words of Donald Trump?”

Cruz said he respected the man and believed in the people of Indiana to show good judgment. He started walking to his car.

A television reporter asked why he had bothered to engage.

“Because I believe in the democratic process,” he said.

Did he hear anything that concerned him?

“Well, there’re five of them and hundreds of us,” he said, reaching the door. “So, no.”

Moments later, when the cameras cleared out, the man strolled east, crossing railroad tracks with his peers in tow. He reached for a cigarette.

Cruz’s nerve had surprised him, he allowed, but failed to impress him.

“Anything that Donald Trump talks about,” he said, “that’s what I’m about.”

Also running mate Carly Fiorina is turning out to be a major flop. The junk food media was shaking their heads in disgust after Fiorina sung off key about Cruz's daughters. Then Fiorina took a nasty fall during a campaign rally for Cruz. The junk food media lauded Cruz for not noticing that she fell.

 It's getting nastier in this race. Indiana is starting to look more dim. Ted Cruz's last ditch efforts may go down in flames. He tried to pull Carly out of his pocket and she tumbled.

He says that Donald Trump's endorsement from Mike Tyson is insane. He said that Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton. Nothing has worked so far. The endorsement from establishment lawmakers hasn't been beneficial to the self-proclaimed "outsider" elected to Washington.

Matt Drudge is the reclusive conservative agitator who is Trump's press secretary. We confirmed that the website has turned on the Texas Republican senator. He's not making it a secret. Everything and anything to make this a race between the insurgent Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the right's second favorite whipping post after President Barack Obama.

I bet you money that if Cruz fails to secure the nomination, he will go back the Senate a defeated man. He will continue to be a part of the Stallmigos. If Trump should become the president, I can bet you money, Cruz and Rand Paul will block everything.

Fiorina takes the tumble.

Cruz gets hit.

Cruz gets hit harder.

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