Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bern'n Down The House!

Bernie Sanders is hopeful even though most say it's "over" for him.

Bernie Sanders is on the bubble. He vows to fight all the way to Democratic convention. But he is really struggling in the final leg of the race for the nomination.

Sanders heads to GOP Sundays to explain the reason to why he fired out the cannon paid staffers and marked his last stand in California. Like Ted Cruz, Sanders warns the public that Hillary Clinton is bad for America.

The plan may have backfired. It gave Clinton room to paint Sanders as a obstructionist to President Barack Obama's policies. Clinton is willing to embrace Obama's accomplishments. The Republicans want to paint Clinton as a "third term" as Obama and Bill Clinton, her husband and former president.

Hillary Clinton trounced him in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware. Clinton is leading in the competitive races in Indiana, Montana and California. These states were the last hopes for Bernie Sanders to at least steal the thunder from Clinton.

What happened?

Sanders lit a fire with young voters. Now it's fizzling out!

Sanders had ambitions that inspired people. It was drowned out by Donald Trump. Trump's rhetoric stole the limelight.

Sanders is a true progressive. He is the most honest politician in this race. Unfortunately he's has the least name recognition after John Kasich. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are the most talked about and most negative.

Clinton by no means is a perfect candidate. But the most rational of the five candidates running is the only thing she got. She, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are dishonest. They are extremely polarizing and it's likely if one of these three candidates win, Congress will be the biggest thorn in their back.

Republicans claim victory. They turned a relatively strong candidate into a weak nominee. They wanted a Republican who can build bridges. What they got is Donald Trump, a candidate who blows up bridges.

Sanders was too practical and promising. He can't fulfill these goals given he's a member of one of the most unproductive Congresses ever to exist.

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