Monday, April 18, 2016

The Law Bucks A Woman After She Fired In The Air!

The law kills Kisha Arrone.
In Dayton, Ohio, the community is mourning the loss of a woman killed by the law. Kisha Arrone killed by the Dayton Police after they said she refused to drop her firearm.

The three officers who shot her were placed in the freezer pending an investigation. The names of the officers were not released at present time.

The woman was killed after she was allegedly firing her gun in air.

The Dayton Police were dispatched to Wexford Place on a report of domestic violence. Kishia got into an argument with her ex-girlfriend. They were fighting and after it escalated into threats,

Soon when the ex threatened to call her friends to stop her antics, Kisha got the gun. The law was called after she threatened the life of the woman.

The law arrived and they claimed they tried to calm her down. They ordered her to drop the firearm.

According to witnesses, Kisha was holding the firearm to the top of her head.

The law says that they had no choice. They had to take down the threat.

The Dayton Police released a statement saying that the officers acted for the safety of themselves, he people involved and the community. "This incident was an accumulation of a 90-minute period, which included a shooting felonious assault that occurred at 3132 Wexford Place as well as a homicide at 411 Shoop Ave. and a shooting felonious assault at 601 Summit Square — a very violent period early this morning in west Dayton," Biehl said.
Police-involved shooting part of violent night
The Dayton Police tell the junk food media that Kisha is no stranger to criminality.
The law issues out the talking points. They would say that Kisha had a criminal history and she had issues before with firearms. They will justify the officers action by acknowledging that crime happens over on the "west" end of Dayton.

This will rile up concern trolls and guilty blaming. The concern trolls would make work of her history as a resident of lock-up.

Let's us be reminded no one is perfect, above the law and a god.

If the suspect wasn't point the firearm at the officers, why did they use deadly force?

Also, the suspect probably had mental issues. Could they have used other tactics than deadly force?

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Kisha Arrone.

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