Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dems Duh Bait BK Style!

It's getting brutal for the Democrats.

It's been four weeks since a nationally televised debate. CNN gets the opportunity to have the Democrats do another primetime debate. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton duke it out in the BK.

Sanders pulled a large crowd in New York last night. At Washington Square Park, the junk food media said that he pulled in 28,000 supporters to his event.

Hillary Clinton is leading in the state with a narrow lead. Right now Clinton has 53% to Sanders 47% in the New York primary polls. The Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn Navy Yard.

It's going to be a brutal battle for the crucial delegates of New York. The candidates will go hard on one another.

Who Won This Democrat Debate From Hell?
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
I'm Voting Republican
Poll Maker

The New York primary is next Tuesday. The Clinton campaign hopes to sweep the state and maintain a lead against Sanders. 

The Republicans are meddling in the affairs. They are in such disarray with their candidates. There's likely a broker convention on the horizon. 

It's reported that Karl Rove is trolling the Democratic candidates with whisper campaigns. The Bernie Bros (Sanders trolls) have caused such an uproar with SuperDelegates. The delegates are being harassed by trolls and they're getting fed up with Sanders not controlling this.

You can view some of the debate livestream. It will disappear soon so if you want to get some of the action, watch it now.

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