Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Mother Moses Being On $20!

Harriet Tubman is going to be honored on the $20 U.S. bill. Conservatives act a fool when the news broke.

The conservatives are going bananas over the announcement of Harriet Tubman being featured on the $20 U.S. dollar.

U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew decided that the time is now. He decided to scrap the idea of having Alexander Hamilton replaced on the $10 U.S. dollar. He decided that it's time to replace Old Hickory.

She will replace Andrew Jackson. The denomination is the most commonly bartered currency in the United States.

The changes were announced Wednesday by the Treasury as part of a historic overhaul of U.S. currency aimed at addressing America’s legacy of slavery and gender inequality.

Cue the conservative outrage.

The bile is so unbelieveable. The trolls underneath the bandwidth bridge makes the Republican Party look really bad. Matter of fact, Republicans face a huge deficit in rounding up minority voters.

These are the Donald Trump voters. These are the people glued to Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and The Drudge Report. These are the people who may be your friends, co-workers or your neighbors.

And they seem to be clueless on American history.

Pathetic Republicans and their hateful ass agenda.

Mother Moses fought hard for the freedom of all. She deserves the honor of being on American currency.

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S Baldwin said...

I'm not surprised by the usual conservative reaction because they're so resentful of Black people that even a Black woman historical figure couldn't get a break. They're full of hate and resentment that America is no longer theirs.



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