Monday, April 25, 2016

Three Blind Mice!

Donald Trump calls the collaboration of Ted Cruz and John Kasich a flop.

Donald Trump is likely going to win the Republican primaries in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. It's going to be unlikely for Trump's two rivals to catch up.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich had enough of the Trump campaign. They decided to team up to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Cruz is going to stomp in Montana, Indiana and West Virginia to court the Evangelical vote. Kasich will stomp in New Mexico, Oregon and Washington to court the moderate vote.

Both have negotiated that they will not interfere in the races. Trump fired at them for being desperate.

This will go all the way to California and right into the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

It's going to be an ugly floor fight between Republicans. The most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media is going to be blamed for the civil war between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

With that being said, I've asked you before: Do you honestly believe that Sean Hannity is the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media?

Because of him and his "access" to the candidates, Hannity done sparked a major feud between candidates.

Kasich and Cruz had enough of Hannity and his constant butt kissing of Donald Trump.

Last week the junk food media reported that Ted Cruz is feuding with Hannity after they had a testy exchange on radio last week. On the day of the New York primary, Hannity asked Cruz the question about Colorado and Wyoming's delegation victories and the concerns that they were stolen. Cruz shot that down and slammed Trump and those like Hannity for bringing it up. Hannity went ballistic on the Republican. Since then, Hannity has said that it's nearly impossible for Cruz or Kasich to win.

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