Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Feds Caught The Pretty Face!

The fugitive wanted for murder was captured in Mexico. Brenda Delgado escape the Texas lawmen after she plotted the murder of a rival.

Brenda Delgado was added to the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted fugitives on Thursday. On Saturday, the feds said the fugitive was captured in Mexico. She was the mastermind who planned a murder of a Dallas dentist who dated her ex-boyfriend.

The junk food media was talking about this pretty face being added to the list.

She was involved in hiring Kristopher Love to take out Dr. Kendra Hatcher. Love would get his girlfriend at the time Crystal Cortes to drive him to the parking garage that Kendra goes to.

As Kendra was heading into her apartment, Love put the work in her. He shot her in the head and let her die with no remorse. The cameras capture Cortes speed off in her vehicle with Love inside it.

Well the feds and Texas lawmen quickly rounded up the suspects for questioning. Love confessed to taking orders from Delgado. She promised him $500, wiping away evidence and dope from her cousins who have ties to domestic terrorists (drug cartels).
Mexico will bring the fugitive to the U.S. only if they take the GAS off the table.
Cortes said that she befriended Delgado and was dating Love at the time. She claimed that Love threatened her and her son with murder if she spoke to the law.

The law didn't buy the excuses. They said that these two are cold blooded murders. They wanted to round up Delgado but she took off.

For the last six months, she was on the run. The FBI said that they're going to capture her and bring her to justice.

The suspect was found in Torreon, Mexico about 450 miles from Dallas.

Again, Delgado is innocent until proven guilty. Since the U.S. and Mexican authorities agreed on not giving her the GAS, she is going to be facing 25 to LIFE in the iron college if found guilty. The other suspects Love and Cortes are innocent until guilty. They were caught in Texas.

They could face the GAS if found guilty.

Delgado is a Mexican national. Her arrest could spark more hateful rhetoric from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. They openly said that they believe immigrants are murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and a wall should be built around the U.S.-Mexican border. Of course, they want cut through properties owned to do so.

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