Friday, March 11, 2016

NAACP In Ohio Got Death Threats!

Dayton's NAACP got hit with death threats.

The death of Middletown woman sparked feverish reaction from White extremists here in Dayton, Ohio. A person who claims he's a friend of the victim sent death threats to a local civil rights group in the city.

It's happening in my own backyard.

The Dayton chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is located on Third Street, a mile from downtown. It's been the focus of many incidents involving law enforcement. The John Felton pull-over, Greater Dayton RTA's feud with Beavercreek and the Dayton Mall, the death of John Crawford II, and the racist emails sent by Montgomery County sheriff's deputies were some of the issues the NAACP dealt with.

The NAACP came out in the wake of a local pastor being gunned down by his brother. The terrorist went into a church and bucked the pastor while they were having Sunday service.

Of course, heroin is epidemic in the community. I know someone who is addicted to heroin. It started picking up attention when it was revealed that HIV and Hepatitis C is on the rise. It's mostly hitting White men and women between the ages of 16 to 45.

Brittany Russell was tragically shot by a dope boy. Someone associated with the family took his grievance to the NAACP. He leaves hate mail and death threats.
The White Girls Are Addicted To The Boy!

The victim Brittany Russell, a 29 year old woman from the area was slain in the back of an apartment in Dayton. She was allegedly purchasing heroin in the area and she had her daughter in the backseat of her vehicle. Apparently, something went array and Brittany was bucked by the shooter. It took a few hours before the landlord would discover her dead while her child was crying.

The suspect Curtis Howard Burdette, 37 years old is being held on a $1 million get out of jail card. He is facing capital murder, having weapons under disability (a felon), child endangerment and reckless use of firearm. Each charge could land Burdette in the iron college for LIFE. The shooter is innocent until proven guilty. The accomplice Brandon Carr is being held on accessory to murder. He could get 15 to LIFE in the iron college if found guilty. The accomplice is innocent until proven guilty.

Well if the person who sent the civil rights organization terrorist threats, they will be charged with a criminal act. The person who made the letter had a mailing address and he will be notified by the law if it turns out to be a racially motivated terrorist plot. The NAACP filed a report with the Dayton Police regarding two separate incidents of hate mail.
The murder suspect held on a $1 million get out free card.
The first incident involved a voicemail sent from a Germantown man, and the second was an anonymous typed letter sent from the Greenville area.

“We cannot take any of these things lightly. It’s the world that we live in today,” said Derrick L. Foward, president of the civil rights organization, who shared the hate mail and voicemail tonight during a press conference held at the local NAACP office in downtown Dayton.

The first hate message was a voicemail left in late February by a man in Germantown. It referenced the homicide of Brittany Russell, a Middletown mother found shot to death in her car in Dayton while her baby was in the back seat. The man’s voicemail contained racial slurs, and said “monkey NIGGERS on the west side acting like a bunch of caged animals.” The man, who reportedly owns a business, invited the NAACP leaders to call him back, which they did but did not receive a return call, Foward said.

The local office last week received an anonymous typed letter from the Greenville area, which referenced a recent car commercial for SVG Motors that featured Foward. The letter said “black people not welcome in Greenville” and to “send the blacks back to Africa.”

“The commercial had zero, zero to do with the NAACP, but it did bring out some of those same people who harbor the hatred in their hearts,” said Foward, who called the recent hate messages “disturbing” and said he is concerned for the safety of the organization’s volunteers.

A firefighter in rural Jefferson Township managed to avoid a cannon firing. He quit on his own after he was outed for posting on social media how the NAACP president reacted in a car commercial.

David Muir reports about the epidemic of heroin in the United States. He would travel to New Hampshire to discuss this crisis in the United States. He meets a young man named Aaron Smith and his wife Kaitlin Norton addicted to heroin. The man would die of an overdose, leaving his grieving wife and son to cope with her addiction.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Brittany Russell.

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