Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gawker Got Served By The Hulkster!

Hulk Hogan win against Gawker.
Washed up celebrity nets a huge payday. A federal court ordered celebrity agitating website Gawker to pay up for leaking the personal business of this celebrity.

Last year, the junk food media was talking about Terry Bollea (known as Hulk Hogan) was fired out the cannon after a website published tapes in which the wrestler said some not so nice things about Black people.

The World Wrestling Entertainment group scrubbed everything from their website and told the Hulkster, you're services are no longer needed.

He blamed Gawker for ruining the tape and ruining his life. The most embarrassing thing Gawker done to the Hulkster was the sex tape.

In 2012, Hogan was friends with radio agitator Bubba the Love Sponge.

The agitator told him that he wife wanted to get the Hulk Slam. Hulkster was willing to comply.

Unfortunately, he was unaware that Bubba was filming the whole ordeal. The ordeal was then sent to Gawker. The celebrity agitator would publish this to the fans and current wife.
Trumpster and the Hulkster.
For that, the federal court believed that his life was ruined and Hogan was awarded $115 million by a jury Friday in his lawsuit against Gawker.

In their closing arguments Friday, Hogan's lawyers argued the video was a violation of his privacy. "Gawker took a secretly recorded sex tape and put it on the Internet," the AP quotes Hogan's attorneys. Gawker's attorneys argued the site had a "legitimate news reason" for publishing the video as a "commentary on the ordinariness of celebrity sex videos." One of the website's lawyers went on to warn that if Hogan's suit was successful, "the Internet as we know it will cease to exist." In addition to Gawker, the jury found founder Nick Denton and former editor Albert Daulerio (who made headlines for saying he'd consider publishing the sex tape of anyone over the age of 5) personally liable. Gawker says it only made about $11,000 from publishing the sex tape and took outside investment for the first time to cover potential costs from the trial.

Gawker could be shut down after this event. They're currently appealing the decision. This lawsuit could destroy all the good Gawker's done.

This is because some washed up wrestler had the nerve to be a dick about his dick.

The Hulkster endorsed the Trumpster for president. Remember some time ago, Donald Trump appeared on WWE to take on Vince McMahon in the Battle of The Boards match.

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