Saturday, March 26, 2016

Can't Fly The Friendly Skies Too!

A flight attendant was busted for trafficking the snow at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

She thought that she could have passed through the TSA with her luggage. She thought wrong. They asked her for a secondary screening.

It turned out that she didn't want to participate in the secondary screening. The flight attendant would bolt from the TSA leaving her luggage and her luxury Gucci pumps behind.

Well inside that luggage and her Gucci pumps was snow. Lots of snow. The TSA found nearly 70 lbs of cocaine, a package of condoms and cash.

The flight attendant for JetBlue was named as Marsha Gay Reynolds, an Jamaican born woman who once was a beauty pageant contestant.

She was off-duty when she flashed her identification to the TSA. They looked at her like she's up to something. So they decided to make her squirm a bit.

I guess that was a good call, because if they allowed her on to flight, all that coke would have been shipped through the government.

Well Reynolds managed to escape the law for a moment. She would take flight at Bob Hope in Burbank to head to New York. The feds were waiting for her.
Bricks. All White bricks wrapped in green.
Now she is waiting extradition to Los Angeles to face some serious charges. These charges could put the pretty woman in federal time out for LIFE.

Reynolds is innocent until proven guilty.

Reynolds is also considered a high alert for escape. So they confiscated her passport and held her without a get out free card.
Beauty without the brains.
JetBlue is not pleased about this. They are working with the feds to out anyone else involved in the smuggling of cocaine, weapons and explosives.

The TSA comes under fire for this. They may have involuntarily allowed individuals smuggle illegal activity on flights here and abroad. The potential of a terrorist smuggling explosives through friends who work for airports came into question after a Russian airliner crashed after a worker smuggled a bomb the size of a Pespi bottle onto a flight.

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