Monday, February 22, 2016

Will The Real Ben Carson Please Stand Up?

Ben Carson's campaign is near the end.

He's still in the race. Dr. Ben Carson is facing pressure to get out the race. After a disappointing last place finish, in the South Carolina primaries, Carson will not concede.

Carson will leave the race when he's good and ready. Despite the stubbornness, Carson will carry on through Super Tuesday.

Well it was apparent that Republicans can't tell the difference between Ben Carson and other Black people is........"I guess they all look alike!"

The former SNL alum Tim Meadows goes undercover as the struggling presidential candidate and its funny.

It's a sad reality of the Republican Party and the Black community. An embarrassment of reality versus the reality of comedy. Tragic combination.

Thank Triumph The Insult Comic Dog and his crack team of satirists for bringing Carson down even more!

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