Friday, February 12, 2016

The Law Puts Down A Man With A Machete! Was It Terrorism?

The Columbus Police and the FBI are assuring that this incident was isolated but do fear the potential for a copycat could occur. Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch have been notified about the situation and are dispatching anti-terror analysis into the city.

What do they knew about the suspect Mohamed Barry who launched an attack at a Mediterranean restaurant?

Was he inspired by the Islamic State?

Anyway, the whole ordeal is getting MAD play on the conservative agitating websites. It's no surprise that the right will launch into the Blame Obama For This Situation Game.

What went down was this guy who was armed with a machete entering the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli.

If you don't say something, you advocate for these incidents to happen!

No one knows what goes on in the mind of the mentally insane.

The man entered the restaurant and engaged conversation with a few employees. At first he purchased a meal and left. About 30 minutes later, he returns to launch into a carnage.

He had stabbed some of the people and they were seriously injured. Some could survive their injuries.

The man tried to flee into towards Easton. He was stopped at the intersection of Morse and Steltzer.
A man storms the restaurant and attacks people with a machete.
When confronted he would ram into a cruiser and a few cars before his car would be damaged so badly it couldn't move. As the officers ordered the man to drop his weapon, he refused the order and they put the slugs in him.

Barry was pronounced dead at the local hospital. He was of Somali decent. He was being tailed by the feds after his friends and family said he acted differently. He was the "NICE GUY" who owned a Mercedes-Benz and worked a decent job. He had minor run-ins with the law. No potential threat until he traveled overseas.

He traveled to the Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for a vacation. But he may have strayed course into a place where he may have been inspired by extremism.

Barry's actions are the signs of potential "lone wolf" attacks that the Islamic State inspire its followers to commit. They want the followers to go after the soft targets. The soft targets could be a restaurant, a nightclub, a gas station, a school or mall. Those are places where a potential terror threat could occur.

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