Friday, February 12, 2016

The Law Foils Ohio Student's Potential Racial Terrorist Plot!

The city of Middletown addressed potential threat adverted at the high school.

This stuff happens in my backyard.

The city of Middletown assures the residents that their children are safe at school. The high school found that one of their students wrote a threat directed at the school's Black children.

Although the threat didn't occur, the junk food media is focusing on the possible terrorist attack in Columbus, Ohio. As I will cover that issue in the next post, I want you to know that this threat was overlooked.

I didn't hear about this situation. I usually watch the local news agitators in the Dayton and Cincinnati market. But I guess I must have been working. I missed it. But if it wasn't for a new website I've found called, I would have just looked at this as a minor issue.

I urge discretion when viewing the website.

The Butler County Sheriff and Middletown Police arrest the student after he confessed to making the threat to light up the school. He was pissed at the Black students and wanted to take them out.

The threat did keep two dozen students away from school. Parents are livid that the school allow this potential terrorist get so far without being noticed.

So far he's being charged as a juvenile. He'll be facing a second degree felony for inducing panic.

The juvenile is innocent until proven guilty.

The city is taking steps to curb the potential threats. They did acknowledge to the parents about school bullying, diversity, and what steps are taken to deescalate violence.

“Middletown City School District is working diligently to provide an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion. Our heightened security is comprised of our teachers and administration continuing to be more alert and aware along with extra officers in the building patrolling throughout the day,” said the school board.

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