Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ohio Cop Got Freezer Burn After Social Media Rant!

Cop in the freezer after he made snide comments about a Black man committing suicide.

This shit happens in my own backyard. The law isn't immune from social media. The death of a BlackLivesMatter activist has Fairborn, Ohio officer in the freezer after someone outed him when he made a snide comment about the man's death.

MarShawn McCarrel committed suicide on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse on Monday. His death opened up a flood of sympathy and BlackLivesMatter objective to address suicide among youth.

This cop named Lee Cyr did some real trolling on the sympathy page. He posted on the social page that MarShawn's death was a celebration. He actually said in this tragedy he'd "Love a happy ending".

Cyr claimed that he was off duty when the comment was posted.

The BlackLivesMatter Movement mourn a member who fought to the bitter end.
Cyr, who served on a school board in a nearby suburb left it to move to Fairborn. There's an investigation of his conduct. If he's found responsible for the post, he will also certainly get freezer burn for the incident. He clearly violated the social media conduct rules.

But what could happen?

He might end up getting fired out the cannon for this incident.

Cyr shut down his social media pages. He also might get a handful of death threats from the crazy ones. But so far, he's in hiding pending a national backlash against him.
Fairborn officer placed on leave for Facebook comment
Trolling on the internet proved to be a mistake for Ohio cop.
The Fairborn Police released a statement.

"An internal affairs complaint was initiated and the department will be investigating further into the origin of the media post. The Fairborn Police Department takes these type of issues very seriously and will ensure that the professional standards of the department are upheld."

Cyr's actions assures that while on duty, he may have pulled over a Black or Hispanic motorist in Fairborn. He may have claimed that they failed to signal at 100 feet. He'll ask why you were in a neighborhood he claims that has drug activity. He may ask to search your car. He'll get a county sheriff or a supervisor with a dog to search your vehicle without your consent. He'll ticket you for a violation and send you to the Fairborn Municipal Court. Then you'll plead not guilty and have a trial. When the trial comes up, you're there but the cop isn't. He came down with a cold.

This shit happens.

Cyr's social media posting gave Black America an understanding of Dayton and its law enforcement of its many surrounding communities. Cyr's actions give me reason to justify that many in law enforcement engage in profiling. This doesn't just affect Fairborn, but Dayton, Beavercreek, Kettering, Oakwood, Riverside, Englewood, Huber Heights, Vandalia, Trotwood, Moraine, the Greene County sheriff, the Montgomery County sheriff and the Ohio State Patrol.

It's ironic. What Cyr said on social media kind of feels like a moment of zen.

"One down, many more to go."

"Good one down".

If you want to find other incidents of ignorant behavior, visit RacistsGetFired on Tumblr. It covers incidents such as this one.

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