Saturday, February 06, 2016

Not Another Da Bait!

The clown car debate continues in New Hampshire.

I'll be working tonight so I won't bore you with the details of my social life. But while I am gone, I will be listening to the Republican debate on ABC.

ABC will host Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson for tonight's debate. Carly Fiorina and Jim Gilmore were cock blocked from the stage.

Fiorina stated that she may not support the nominee if it ain't her. Trump said the same.

In New Hampshire, Trump is leading but since his defeat in Iowa, he's struggling to hold on to the lead he's maintained for over seven months.

Trump's decision to skip a New Hampshire townhall because of the snow, gave Republicans an opportunity to attack him for being unprepared. He went to speak in South Carolina.

Cruz didn't get a bump after the Iowa Caucus. He's and Kasich are tied for third. Cruz is being criticized by Trump, Carson and Rubio for "stealing" the election. Cruz is touting endorsements from Chuck Norris, Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent.

Rubio appears to be the establishment's choice for a candidate. He's gained an endorsement from failed presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. Rubio also will be the focus of the night. He will be hit for being inept as a senator. Rubio will likely word vomit the ineptness of Barack Obama back when he was a senator, He'll go after Hillary Clinton's days as a senator. He will mention the lack of accomplishments Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have as a fellow senators.

Kaisch spent more time in New Hampshire more than in my state he's governor of. Kasich is throwing his chips all in this state and promises that if he doesn't win, he's out. Kasich who touts Ohio more than the country, is hoping to seethe through the mess. Kasich is touting some washed up celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California endorsed him yesterday. Former talk show/radio host Montell Williams, who once endorsed Barack Obama for president came out for him. Actor Tim Allen is actively helping Kasich gain support.
Last stand for Bush. He brought his mom out.
Jeb Bush struggled the most. He's spent the most money, the most time and still can't get the mojo. It's amazing that back in 2015, Bush was fundraising and making major moves to get the establishment vote. Now he's struggling against a former friend who he once praised as a shining star in the party. Bush will target Rubio for being corrupt. Bush will also bring the legacy in play. He brought out his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush and his brother, former president George W. Bush to campaign for him.

Chris Christie will also make moves against the candidates as well. He'll likely be the first to bring up Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama. He's already got his word vomit ready. He'll target Rubio and Cruz for being worthless politicos. He will say Kaisch's Ohio isn't rosy as he says it. He'll mock Trump and Carson for "jumping the shark" and Bush for being his brother's failures. Most of the candidates will hit Christie for ruining perennial loser Mitt Romney. The bear hug with Obama will come up again.

After you watch the debate, ask yourself, why is this still going on?

There's no clear choice in nominee. If Trump or Cruz wins, they'll split the party. If Rubio wins, they could mend the fence but will force him further to the right. If they pick Bush, Kasich or Christie, they'll play it safe but face a mutiny of conservative support. If Carson or Fiorina wins, they'll be a second and a first.

So far, the Republican Party has the most diverse candidates running. Despite them all being a bunch of shit for brains, the party has two men of Hispanic origin, one Black man, one woman, an actor/media mogul, a son and brother of two former presidents and are excited about their candidates.

The Democrats aren't so inspired by their candidates. One is perennial. One is too unknown to the public.

Who Won This Debate?

Donald Trump
Marco Rubo
Ted Cruz
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
John Kasich
Jeb Bush
Carly Fiorina
Jim Gilmore
Someone Other Than These Guys!
Hillary Clinton gonna crush them!
Bernie Sanders gonna crush them!
I didn't watch the debate!
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