Friday, February 19, 2016

Birther Pastor Losing His Church!

Pathetic Black preacher James David Manning about to be kicked out of Harlem.

The controversial pastor who ranted that Barack Obama is the long legged "mac daddy" is about to lose his church.

James David Manning, a notorious Black preacher who is the founder of the ATLAH Worldwide Church is on the verge of having his building foreclosed. He has skipped bills and the New York state auditors are saying enough is enough.

Manning said that it's a "high tech lynching" and he vows to fight against the "sodomites" who run New York City and state.

Manning is an anti-gay preacher who once called for violence against gay couples after the Supreme Court ruled that human marriage is legal in the United States.

Manning owes $1.02 million through unpaid tax, unpaid water bills and general debts. He appears likely to lose his church which is due for public auction on February 24, 2016. The Ali Forney Center, a nonprofit organization providing transitional homes for homeless LGBT youngsters has reached its target of $200,000 to buy the church as of February 9, 2016.

What makes this so ironic, is that he gain national attention by appearing on YouTube attacking Barack Obama and his policies. He was given the honor of being on annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity and pushover Alan Colmes debate show.

He teamed up with Andy Martin, Orly Taitz and numerous kookspiracy theorists to denounce the president as an American born citizen.

He threatened to use force to prevent the activists from taking his church.

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